Morning Tubs vs. Traditional Math Worksheets: Why Hands-On Wins!

How do you start each day in your classroom?  Morning work is a popular approach, but there are differing views of what morning work should look like.  Hands-on learning is best, especially with math morning tubs that my students beg to use each morning.

morning tubs vs math worksheets.  why hands on learning wins

Are you team worksheets or hands-on activities for morning work to start the day?  Both approaches have their merit, but I believe in a hands-on approach to kickstart each day.  I will explore the advantages of hands-on learning with Math Morning Tubs and why it beats the conventional method of using worksheets. Morning Tubs can revolutionize students' learning of math, promoting active engagement and deeper understanding.

Why use Traditional Math Worksheets?

Traditional math worksheets have long been the go-to in classrooms because of their ease of use and familiarity. They offer a structured format for practice and assessment, making them convenient for teachers. Worksheets are often designed to align with standardized testing, providing a measurable benchmark for student performance.

Why use a Hands-On Learning approach?

There has been a significant shift in education towards a more hands-on learning approach. Educators and researchers have recognized the power of experiential learning in engaging students and enhancing their learning experience. Hands-on activities let students actively explore concepts, using multiple senses that lead to a deeper understanding of abstract ideas.

Use hands on math activities to start your day like measuring area with tiles or using counting bears to make combinations of a number for addition problems.

Start with Morning Tubs Instead!

Morning Tubs are a dynamic and versatile resource that offers much more than math worksheets. These tubs provide hands-on activities catering to various learning styles and abilities. Unlike worksheets, Morning Tubs encourage social interaction, playfulness, and exploration, creating an engaging and joyful math learning environment. My students look at this time of day as play and fully engage in the activities.  

Use hands on activities with popsicle sticks and counting bears to work on basic math skills like spatial awareness and ordinal numbers.

What are the advantages of using hands-on morning work?  

Morning Tubs promote active learning and exploration. By incorporating tactile, visual, and kinesthetic elements, these activities immerse students in the learning process, making math come alive. Rather than passively filling out a worksheet, students actively interact with manipulatives and collaborate with their classmates, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

Morning Tubs offer a more holistic learning experience. They help students see connections between abstract ideas and practical applications. This deeper understanding boosts students' confidence in their math abilities and leads them to approach tasks enthusiastically.  

Studies show that Hands-On Learning is Best! 

Studies have shown that students engaged in hands-on activities demonstrate improved retention and comprehension of subject matter compared to traditional methods. Hands-on learning has been linked to increased student motivation and overall academic achievement.

“This bundle has revolutionized the way I approach my morning routine. My students love our "soft entry" of exploring math bins and these activities have allowed us to approach our learning in a hands-on, targeted, and differentiated manner! “

Hands on math activities are a great way to practice math skills like addition, symmetry, money and area.  Using math morning tubs is an fun and effective way to practice math skills.

It doesn’t just work in my classroom!  So many teachers have shared how starting their day with Morning Tubs has changed their classroom mornings. 

“Fun and engaging.  My young scholars love using these as a way to start out their morning as well as during center rotations.  I love that they have hands-on practice with manipulatives to help them learn concretely.”  

Would you like more information about what kinds of tasks are included in my Math Morning Tubs?  Download this free guide that outlines every one of the activities included.  

Do you want to try a set of pattern block activities for FREE?  Download these now to try.  

I hope I have convinced you to give hands-on Morning Tubs a try as a way to start your day!

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