15 Strategies to Effectively Manage Simple Tasks in Your Classroom

Managing your classroom environment is a must for your sanity and to make classroom management more effortless.  There are many things to think about, but today, I will share more about managing simple classroom tasks.  Read on for 10 ideas, and check the end of the post to find out how to get 5 more hacks.  

Managing Simple Tasks In The Classroom

It happens to me every year.  I start the year strong with all my routines and management in place, and then I realize I have completely overlooked how to handle something.  There are always simple tasks that need to be thought out for things to run smoothly.   I hope these ideas save you from a bit of grief when planning your classroom environment management.  

Managing and organizing materials in the classroom.

1.  Sharp and Dull Pencil Cups

It may seem like a no-brainer but having a place for kids to trade out pencils is a must.  I do not allow my students to use our electric pencil sharpener, so I ensure they are waiting for them.  You will never need to deal with the "I can't find my pencil" or "my pencil broke" problem ever again.  Click on the picture to grab this freebie for yourself.  

2.  Extra Crayon Organizer

My first graders are constantly losing crayons, and it drove me crazy.  When missing a crayon, they go to the drawer and grab a new "used" one.  The drawers are filled with previous years' cast-offs and a few new boxes to get us started.  As the year goes on and kids get new boxes of crayons, they add their old ones to the drawers.  This system works like a charm.  

Storage for extra crayons in your classroom

3.  Book Hospital

I love our book hospital; I don't love all the repairs I need to do.  It is an excellent addition to your library for all the books that need repairs and ensures your students aren't interrupting your groups to come and show you.  Click the image to get one for your classroom, too! 

4.  Pocket Folders

I teach first grade and have for many years.  I have students store papers in two-pocket folders - no duotangs (3 prong folders) ever!  Yes, they can get messy, but the papers have a home for the short time they are on their desk, and students can manage independently.

Managing and Organizing your students

5.  Line Up Dots

Line-up dots are one of the best things I have done for my sanity in the last few years.  I use vinyl from Michaels and a circle punch and put dots on the floor with adequate space for a child wearing a backpack to line up.  I don't have a particular order, although I know many people who do.  I love that it helps kids with personal space and ensures I have a straight line (sort of)!  

6.  Name Sticks

When calling on students, it is easy to pick the ones who always have their hands up and let the others sit back and be passive observers.  To help with this, I use name sticks, just popsicle sticks with their names.  I have seen many fancy alternatives, but I prefer function over fancy.  I tell kids I will use name sticks in advance so they are prepared to be called on.  

7.  Zip Tie Those Desks Together!

Nothing is worse than desks constantly shifting or kids getting their fingers pinched between desks.  I solved this by initially using bungee cords to tie the desks, but zip ties work much better and don't slip down.  

8.  Classroom Jobs

Delegate, delegate, delegate!  I use classroom jobs to help with many of the little things that need to happen during the day.  Students love to help, and by implementing jobs, you will have a team of little managers to help you.  This is the system I created and used.  You can take a closer look at the resource by clicking on the image.  

Organizing Technology

9.  Organizing Ipads

I have 6 Ipads for my classroom.  I have found this modified dish rack is the best kind of storage.  The students can quickly put them back when done.  I have a teacher's only rule for plugging and unplugging the devices.  If you want a copy of my stop sign, you can grab it by clicking on the image below.  

Use a dish drainboard to store ipads in the classroom

10.  Organizing Chromebooks

I have 4 Chromebooks in my classroom and found that these mail sorters are perfect for standing the Chromebooks up to store and charge.  It makes it so easy to charge them.  It's a very inexpensive storage option if you only have a few devices.  

Hopefully, there are a few ideas that you can try out in your classroom.  Are you ready for more tips?  I have 5 more ideas to share with you.  Simply click on the image below to get 5 more strategies to manage simple tasks in your classroom.  

Do you have any tried and true hacks to share?  Drop them in the comments below, or shoot me an email.  I would love to hear them.  

Until next time, 

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