Purposeful Fast Finisher Math Activities Your Students will LOVE!

Every classroom has them; students who are fast finishers! As teachers, we need to plan for our lessons, but we also have to plan in place with additional fast finishers' activities.  Better yet, how about planning purposeful fast finisher activities.  This does NOT need to be a lot of work and stress.  

Purposeful fast finisher math activities that your students will love

How to Effectively Teach Phonemic Awareness Skills Online

Teaching phonemic awareness skills can be a challenge, but what if you are trying to teach phonemic awareness skills virtually?  How does that work?  Keep reading to learn more about some things I tried while teaching phonemic awareness skills online.  

how to effectively teach phonemic awareness skills online and helpful resources to use.

5 Helpful Google Extensions for Stressed Out Virtual Teachers

Pivoting to virtual learning has not been a fun experience!  Kudos to all of the teachers who have been running virtual classrooms for quite some time now.  It is a totally different way of teaching! Not only do you need to teach, but you need to be a tech expert in navigating platforms, websites and extensions.   I am not claiming to be an expert, but being thrust into the world of virtual teaching has meant that I have spent a lot of time looking for ways to save my time and my sanity.  I am sharing 5 extensions that I am using and finding helpful.  

How to Use Morning Tubs When You Can't Share Manipulatives

In the age of COVID, so many things have changed, especially how children can participate in hands-on activities like morning tubs.  Despite these changes, you can still get those morning tubs and manipulatives into your student's hands, and I'm going to share with you exactly how!  

You can use morning tubs in a socially distanced classroom during Covid.  Learn how to set up morning tub kits so kids can still have some hands on fun.

How Digital Task Cards Can Keep Kids Learning At Home

Distance learning, online teaching, distance education.  Call it what you want, but millions of children are learning from home.  As teachers, we have been moving rapidly from teaching our children in our classrooms to trying to provide instruction to them through the computer.

Use digital task cards, like boom cards to keep student engaged and learning while at home.

4 Tips to Help Manage Transitions in the Classroom

Transitions in a classroom are always a challenge, especially in a primary class.  Some of my first graders are super speedy, and some are like sloths!  I am here to share a few tips to help speed those kids up when you are trying to transition from one activity to another.

4 tips for managing transition times in your classroom