How to Use Morning Tubs When You Can't Share Manipulatives

In the age of COVID, so many things have changed, especially how children can participate in hands-on activities like morning tubs.  Despite these changes, you can still get those morning tubs and manipulatives into your student's hands, and I'm going to share with you exactly how!  

You can use morning tubs in a socially distanced classroom during Covid.  Learn how to set up morning tub kits so kids can still have some hands on fun.

How Digital Task Cards Can Keep Kids Learning At Home

Distance learning, online teaching, distance education.  Call it what you want, but millions of children are learning from home.  As teachers, we have been moving rapidly from teaching our children in our classrooms to trying to provide instruction to them through the computer.

I recognize there are many models out there.  Some teachers are conducting online classes via video streaming platforms, while others are sending out content for parents to access.  Wherever you fall on that spectrum, I want to share with you a resource that will help.

Boom Cards!  

Boom Cards are digital task cards.  They are available on the Boom Learning website as well as Teachers Pay Teachers.   Currently, all teachers can set up a free account until the end of June.  Going forward, teachers can opt into several account options, including a free account that allows you to assign an unlimited amount of decks through a fast pin.

Why Boom Cards for Teachers?

Boom Cards give teachers the option to provide individualized practice for their students online in an easy to manage way.  You set up your class with Boom Learning. You can set up your class by manually adding each student or by importing a class from Google Classroom.  Assigning cards (or decks as they are referred to) is straightforward.  You can assign different decks to different students.

The reports inside of Boom Learning give insight into which questions students got wrong.  It shows their wrong answer so you can see if there are trends with their errors.  The reporting options are available to everyone now, but only available with a paying account after June 30. 

You can check out a set for free by clicking on this image. 

Why Boom Cards for Students?

It is easy for students to log into their accounts.  They can log in a few different ways:

  • Teachers can create a username and password for students that they would use when they log into Boom Learning. 
  • They can sign in with Google by using their sign in for Google classroom. 
  • NO sign-in is necessary if students are given a fast pin to play.  

They are fun!   Students get immediate feedback about whether they are correct or not when answering the question or completing the task on the card.   Many decks have students manipulate something on the card, listen for instructions or type in their answers.

There are Boom Cards for every skill!  I have currently developed sets for sight words, word families, blends, spelling, addition, subtraction, money.  You can find all of my boom cards and digital resources here:

Boom Cards and Digital Resources

If you are interested in submitting an idea for a Boom Deck for first grade just click the link below and provide your suggestions.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck as you continue to embrace distance learning.

Until next time,

4 Tips to Help Manage Transitions in the Classroom

Transitions in a classroom are always a challenge, especially in a primary class.  Some of my first graders are super speedy, and some are like sloths!  I am here to share a few tips to help speed those kids up when you are trying to transition from one activity to another.

4 tips for managing transition times in your classroom

Free New Year's Resolutions Flipbook for Students

New Year's Resolutions are a hard thing for small children to grasp, but setting goals is possible if you approach it the right way.  I will show you how to break it down and have your students set goals for school, home and themselves using a FREE flipbook to record their resolutions.

How to get started with Morning Tubs - The Ultimate Guide!

Are you considering starting your day with morning tubs but are not sure where to start?  I'm here to spill EVERYTHING about morning tubs from how they are chosen by students each morning to how often to switch them up.  This is what I do with my first graders, so you know that it works! Read on for your ultimate guide to getting started with morning tubs.

Morning Tubs - morning work that IS NOT busy work

I've talked a lot about my love for Morning Tubs.  Since changing my daily routine and starting the day with Morning Tubs, my mornings have been much more fun for my students and me.  This kind of morning work is way more engaging for my students and gives me the freedom to do ALL THE THINGS I need to do as students enter.  But morning work doesn't have to be busywork.  There are so many math skills that can be reinforced using Morning Tubs for morning work.

Get the most out of your math manipulatives by using them year round as part of your morning work with morning tub tasks.  They are perfect for morning work for first grade and will work for kindergarten morning work too.