4 Tips to Help Manage Transitions in the Classroom

Transitions in a classroom are always a challenge, especially in a primary class.  Some of my first graders are super speedy, and some are like sloths!  I am here to share a few tips to help speed those kids up when you are trying to transition from one activity to another.

4 tips for managing transition times in your classroom

Free New Year's Resolutions Flipbook for Students

New Year's Resolutions are a hard thing for small children to grasp, but setting goals is possible if you approach it the right way.  I will show you how to break it down and have your students set goals for school, home and themselves using a FREE flipbook to record their resolutions.

How to get started with Morning Tubs - The Ultimate Guide!

Are you considering starting your day with morning tubs but are not sure where to start?  I'm here to spill EVERYTHING about morning tubs from how they are chosen by students each morning to how often to switch them up.  This is what I do with my first graders, so you know that it works! Read on for your ultimate guide to getting started with morning tubs.

Morning Tubs - morning work that IS NOT busy work

I've talked a lot about my love for Morning Tubs.  Since changing my daily routine and starting the day with Morning Tubs, my mornings have been much more fun for my students and me.  This kind of morning work is way more engaging for my students and gives me the freedom to do ALL THE THINGS I need to do as students enter.  But morning work doesn't have to be busywork.  There are so many math skills that can be reinforced using Morning Tubs for morning work.

Get the most out of your math manipulatives by using them year round as part of your morning work with morning tub tasks.  They are perfect for morning work for first grade and will work for kindergarten morning work too.

A Quick and Easy Classroom Easter Egg Hunt

The days in the classroom leading up to Easter are exciting like any other holiday.  The children in my class are counting down the days until the Easter Bunny comes and I am trying to keep them engaged.  Some days it feels like I am fighting a losing battle.  So why not use Easter Eggs to keep them engaged?  Read on to learn about a FREE and straightforward classroom Easter egg hunt.

a quick and easy classroom easter egg hunt to practice your sight words or any other skill you would like to practice.

A Simple Way to Get Students to Add Details to their Writing

Teaching writing in first grade is a huge job.  Student ability ranges greatly.  You will have some students who are not yet able to write at all and students that are filling pages.  It is such a challenge to reach all these learners.  I want to share one simple lesson that I have been using for a few weeks that is really working in my classroom.

teach your first grade students to add more detail to their writing