Free New Year's Resolutions Flipbook for Students

New Year's Resolutions are a hard thing for small children to grasp, but setting goals is possible if you approach it the right way.  I will show you how to break it down and have your students set goals for school, home and themselves using a FREE flipbook to record their resolutions.

When we return to school in January, I like to think of this time as a totally fresh start.  It is time to restart the school year.  I share my top 3 tips to make the return to school successful over here in the post 3 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Transition After a School Break. 

I introduce the idea of resolutions with the book Squirrel's New Year's Resolution.  It is a simple book that explains resolutions perfectly to small children.

We talk about resolutions as goals.  What do you want to get better at or learn to do?  When you phrase it that way, the kids are full of ideas from wanting to learn to ride a two-wheeler to learning to read chapter books!

The school and home goals are usually pretty easy for them to come up with.  Many students make a resolution to be better listeners or better in a particular subject.  I often hear goals like I want to be a better reader or to learn more word wall words.

Home goals are much the same.  Resolutions that I hear year after year usually involve listening to parents better, picking up toys and getting along with a sister or brother.

Once they are complete, they make a great bulletin board display.    I hope you enjoy this FREEBIE with your students!

You can find this FREE New Year's Resolution flipbook in my TPT Store.

Until next time!

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