100th Day of School - A Classroom Celebration!

100th day of school activities - creation stations and measurement exploration

Our 100th Day of school has come and gone!  We had such a great time creating, measuring, counting, writing and eating 100.  Read on to find out how we spent the day.

In the days leading up to the 100th day, I request that each student brings in a little Ziploc bag with 100 items in it that are all the same size.  We are in the middle of our linear measurement unit and this is the perfect authentic experience for measuring. We start out day counting out our collection to confirm there is in fact 100 items in the collection.  We then spent the next hour measuring our collection.  We used a metre stick for a number of our investigations but for those teaching in the US, you could use a yard stick for comparison purposes.  We made sure to check our Measuring anchor chart to make sure we were being accurate.

measurement anchor chart to show how to properly measure length and width

It's not pretty but it does the trick to remind kids of what to do and what not to do when measuring. We co-created this chart after watching a few videos and doing some measuring with items around the classroom.

Next, it was time to start into our measurement booklets.  It took us approximately 45 minutes to work through all the measurement activities.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to document their learning.  I love that I was able to walk around and make notes and take pictures to collect data that will essentially wrap up my measurement strand in math.

Use 100s day to investigate measurement.  Count out a collection of 100 things and estimate, measure and compare it to 100 cm.

After a break for recess, we started investigation stations.  They were 5 centres with 100 of a particular item that they need to use create something.

create a picture with 100 2D shapes

100s day - create a picture with 100 buttons

on 100s day use 100 cups and see what you can make.

on 100s day create something from 100 popsicle sticks

on 100s day create a symmetrical design with 100 pattern blocks.

They had a great time creating at they stations.  There were no guidelines other than they were encouraged to work as a team and they needed to use all the objects in their creation before I could take a picture.  There were some amazing cup towers, 2D shape pictures, and symmetrical designs, although the one above was by far the most elaborate.

In the afternoon they had a chance to complete a few fun printables for 100's Day and to enjoy a 100's day snack.  I didn't get any pictures of their work but these are some of the activities.

100th day printables and worksheets to keep your kids busy and having fun while learning.

If you are interested in any of the printables or the measurement booklet you can find it {HERE} or by clicking on the image below.  This pack includes a 100's day hat to make as well that we didn't get to this year.

100th day of school pack with measurement investigation booklet, hat, bookmarks and other printables

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found some inspiration for your 100 Day celebrations.  Take a moment to pin this image so you can remember to visit again next year.

This 100th Day of School will be a blast.  Start with some exploration stations.  Next explore measurement with an investigation booklet, create a hat, make bookmarks and complete some fun printables to complete the day.

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