Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Classroom with a Thankful Card and Craftivity

Thanksgiving is here again, and we all have turkey on the mind.  I love using Thanksgiving themes in Art and any other area of the curriculum that I can easily integrate.

First up is this adorable turkey card.  I found the idea on Pinterest and made it with my first graders. I must admit that they don't look a whole lot like the beautiful version I have seen online, but they were fun to make!  Anytime we use paint it is always a hit.  Painting with our fingers is extra exciting.

These little guys are ready for googly eyes when I am sure they are all dried.  Some of these turkeys have pretty thick paint on them.

I often read a book like Thanks for Thanksgiving to provoke conversation about things we are thankful for.  Most children immediately say their Mom, Dad, sister, brother, friends or pets and that is what they write about inside of their card.  Not one of these little guys mentioned anything materialistic.  That makes my teacher heart happy!

Speaking of great literature, there are so many fun Thanksgiving books that revolve around a turkey trying to escape so he isn't eaten at Thanksgiving dinner  One of my favourites is The Amazing Turkey Rescue by Steve Metzger.  In this book, the turkeys are on the "lamb" having escaped last year's dinner and return to their farm to save the chickens.  I love this book to work on inferring skills.  I also use it for some creative writing to go along with my turkey craftivity.  I created this resource to compliment this book or any other book about runaway turkeys.

After enjoying the book and working through some whole group inferencing activities, the students get to colour their own turkey and disguise him so that he can hide.  You will find all the information in the unit.  This year I added another layer and had students create a pattern for the feathers as we just wrapped up our patterning unit.

They are going to create their disguises for their turkeys next.  They can pick from several included with the craftivity or they can make their own props.  After the turkeys are disguised the students write about how they disguised their turkey and what he is going to do.

Last year's class had some wonderful ideas:

This Turkey went to the Wild West. 

This Turkey went sailing the Seven Seas!  

I can't wait to see what this year's class comes up with.

What are your favourite Thanksgiving Read Alouds?  I am always looking to expand my library (aren't we all!)

If you are looking for other ideas check out my Fall theme Pinterest board for more ideas:

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with great food and family.

Until next time,

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