How to Use Halloween Poems to Introduce Sight Words

Students love Halloween, so why not harness that excitement by using Halloween themes to teach in October.  I created a set of easy-to-read Halloween poems for sight words to teach and review sight words all month long.  These Halloween poems also help students work on their reading fluency!  I can target many skills at once, and they totally buy in because of the Halloween theme.  

In October, I like to use Poetry to introduce sight words.  It is an excellent way for students to see the sight words in context, and the content is short and sweet.  I keep the poems quick and easy to read, so they are ideally suited to beginning readers in first grade.  You can use the poems to work on reading fluency and visualizing, so you get more bang for your curriculum buck!

Project the Poem on the Smartboard for Whole Group Learning

I have students circle the sight words in the poem - the words you are introducing and those already on your word wall. When I have students that are not yet ready to learn sight words, I ask them to circle a letter they know. This enables everyone to take part in a way that is meaningful to them.  

Use the Poem in a Pocket Chart

Turn the poem into a close activity and have your students figure out the missing sight words to make the poem make sense.  We read it repeatedly, and each time we decide on the new word, which helps build fluency.  It also helps students to use meaning cues to determine the right sight word for each spot. 

The Black Cat poem shown is available as a free download in my store.  If you love it, I have 5 more in a full set.

Multiple Worksheet Options Provide Lots of Practice! 

Use this worksheet and the others included to review so many skills:

  • Fluency
  • Finding the sight words in context
  • Visualizing and drawing a picture that matches the poem
  • Comprehension - each poem has an "in the text" comprehension question to answer. 

You can find this poem and 6 others in my poetry pack by clicking on the image below or by clicking here:

Halloween Poems and Activities for Sight Words 

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