How to Use Halloween Poems to Introduce Sight Words

Use halloween poetry to teach and review sight words.

I am so happy stopped by to visit my blog.  I am joining Rachael from the Classroom Game Nook Blog and many other talented teachers for this blog hop full of Teaching Tricks!  What more could you ask for?  

My trick is to use Poetry to introduce sight words.  It is a great way for students to see the words in context and the content is short and sweet.  You can use the poems to work on reading fluency and visualizing as well so you get more bang for your curriculum buck!

In the week leading up to Halloween I use this set of sight word poems.  We use them on the Smartboard and in the pocket chart to get in lots of review.  You can find one poem in the sample pack but the full resource has 6 poems, worksheets for review and pocket chart pieces for an additional literacy center.

Use the Smartboard to project Halloween sight word poems.

Have students circle the sight words in the poem - the ones you are introducing and ones that are already on your word wall.

Create a cloze activity with the sight word poem so students can identify missing sight words in context.

Turn the poem into a Cloze activity and have your students figure out the missing sight word to make the poem make sense.

Provide independent practice with the poem by having students read the poem, identify the sight words and answering a comprehension question.

Use this worksheet and the others included to review so many skills:
~reading the poem
~finding the sight words in context
~visualizing and drawing a picture that matches the poem
~comprehension - each poem has an "in the text" comprehension question to answer. 

You can find this poem and 6 others in my poetry pack by clicking on the image below.

Halloween sight word poems are a fun way to introduce and review sight words.

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