A Management Strategy for Improving Hallway Behavior

Classroom management when you are not in your classroom can be tricky. Do your students struggle to stay quiet when moving through the halls? Are your old tricks just not cutting it anymore? Perhaps it is time to change it up and try something new.

Classroom management strategies for the hallway

We are all about routines right now and I am pulling out all the stops to try to get my active, boy-filled class on board.  One area that is always a struggle each year is moving through the halls.  Last year I moved into a new classroom and it is the farthest away from EVERYTHING.  All I can say is I am beyond thankful that I have my own bathroom in my classroom.  On our way to the Gym, French or the Library we pass all of the other primary classrooms.  I needed something new to really encourage them to be quiet and respectful when in the hall. 

Classroom management strategies for the hallwayClassroom management strategies for the hallway

This is why I came up with “Hall Stars”.  Each time we line up to head into the hall I pick 2 popsicle sticks or stars with students names on them and put them in my pocket.  I announce to the line that I have my two “Hall Stars” and will be watching to see if they are behaving as a Hall Star should.  We do a quick review of our “Hall Stars” expectation poster before leaving. On the way to our destination and back I keep my eye on my “Hall Stars”. If they were successful I make a big deal about announcing their names and then put their star on the chart. If a student wasn’t behaving properly then their name is returned to the “pick me” pocket and nothing more is said.  

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Classroom management strategies for the hallway

This has been working really well for my class.  I hope that you find it will help your students with their hallway behavior.

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