Are you ready for Back to School?

It's coming!

Now that August is rushing by I start to think about heading back to school. We head back after Labour Day so I put off the thoughts until late in August but they start creeping in at the beginning of August if I am being honest.  I start to think about making new labels for everything and about how I am going to liven up my classroom with some new decor.  I start thinking about all the FUN stuff.  I never start to think about curriculum...funny how that goes :)

This summer I have been working on some new decor products for my room because, let's face it, I needed a bit of a makeover for my mishmash of a classroom.  I love all things bright colored but purple, lime green and blue would be my faves.  This year I am going to expand my color choices and use more of a rainbow and chevron look.  The other benefit of designing things yourself is that you can create it just how you like it.  My biggest pet peeve was that there was no sense of continuity with my student resources.  I have fixed that...let me explain.

I used name tags from a teacher supply store with pics for each letter of the alphabet to help kids who needed that reference.  My Alphabet Posters had another picture on them and then my Word Wall Headers had no picture whatsoever.  It was a disaster when I tried to use the pictures to help my students with finding letters.  No MORE!

I {LOVE} how these look.  I love how everything matches and how I will be able to say to my students - it is F like fish and everywhere they look they will see a fish picture with the letter F.  I fully expect that this will make my life sooo much easier.  If you are interested in any of these decor items just click the picture above and it will take you to my decor category and you can choose the design that works best for you.

And just for stopping by I have a special freebie for you.  I created a banner to use above my word wall that matches my Rainbow Word Wall Header cards pictured above.  You can download it by clicking {HERE}

This Wednesday, August 19th Teachers Pay Teachers is holding a 1 day Boost sale.  I intend to do my Back to School shopping then as I was not ready to think about it at the beginning of August. Don't forget to put in the code MORE15 for more savings.

I have also joined a group of fabulous Canadian sellers to bring you a Back To School E-book. This book is filled with tips for back to school, freebies and great products for you to check out.  There are 40 different freebies for Kindergarten right up to Secondary school.  Be sure to click on the picture below to head to TPT and download your own copy.

I am in no hurry to get back to school but ... I must soon admit defeat and start getting myself ready. Hopefully you have found some things to check out here before you head back to school.  If you are already hard at work then I wish you luck.  I am going to enjoy my last few weeks of break.  

Thanks for stopping by!  


5 Ways to Engage your students using Stuffed Animals

I am blogging at Who's Who and Who's New and sharing about how I engage my students by using stuffed animals in my classroom.  From Classroom management to Math there are some great tips to use.  Click on the image above to head over and read about it now!  


My Best Back to School Resource!

Have you heard the news?  Teachers Pay Teachers is holding it's annual Back to School sale on August 3rd and 4th.  When you checkout, make sure you use the code BTS15 to save.  I know my cart is ready!

I linked up with the the Wise Guys and I am so happy you have stopped by my blog to hear all about my Best (and favourite) Back to School Resource.  If you follow me on Periscope you may already know about the product I am talking about:  The Word Jail and my latest product The Overused Words Jail.

Let me start with the Word Jail.  It is my pride and joy.  I have been using it for years with great success with my first graders.  This product targets those words that don't follow the spelling patterns we teach our children: words like of, because and could.

The idea is pretty simple:  when you introduce your new Word Wall words at the beginning of the week place any words that don't follow the spelling rules you have taught your students into the Word Jail.  I always make a big production of putting the word in the "Jail". I also place it in it's rightful spot on the Word Wall.  Let me tell you, the kids LOVE putting words in the Word Jail. The best part is that it works.  My students are better able to read and spell those tricky words because I use the Word Jail to isolate those words and provide lots of opportunity for practice.  You can read more about how I use it in more detail {HERE} and {HERE}.

As a companion to this bulletin board display I created a companion pack of Word Jail Worksheets. These printables offer practice for each of the Word Jail words included in the product.  I have used them as morning work and during literacy centers.  Each worksheet practices the skill of isolating the proper spelling of the tricky word and crossing out the misspellings.  There is also practice in revising a sentence using the Word Jail word and creating a new sentence using the Word Jail word.
These products are available on their own or in a money saving BUNDLE!

There is now a BRAND NEW product in my store that uses the same concept - The Overused Words Jail.  Much like the Word Jail, which is an addition to the Word Wall, this display is a great addition to your Writing Bulletin Board.  Place those overused words on your Overused Words Jail poster and students are encouraged to come up with better word choices to use in their writing instead.  This product comes the poster, overused words cards, a mini lesson and finally 4 paragraph practice pages to work on the skills of identified overused words and replacing them with better word choices.  Click on the image below to check it out!

I also want to highlight for you my best selling item.  It is a craftivity pack to launch your addition and subtraction units in the early grades.  Meet Gus the Plus and Linus the Minus!  

These little characters are a big hit in my classroom.  My students loved making them and they are a good visual reminder for students.  This pack includes the craftivities, anchor charts, numberlines and printables. Click on the image to be taken to the bundle.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you might have found some products that you will have a need for in your classroom.