Happy Valentine's Day -The Fun and a Freebie!

Happy Saturday!  It is snowing and blowing here again!  My Florida vacation at March Break cannot come soon enough. 

Valentine’s Day in the classroom was a blast yesterday ~ how about you?  That is NOT something I would usually say about this particular holiday but it was a dream.  My first graders have settled down thanks to Whole Brain Teaching techniques.  I am in LOVE with the engagement I am noticing during instructional times.  I will definitely be sharing more about that soon but for now let’s just talk Valentine’s, shall we. 

I did something this year that I have never done before and was questioning my sanity over.  We did our Valentine exchange first thing in the morning. I always left it to the afternoon when the time was shorter and the end the day nearer because the kids were just so excited and hard to reign in.  My timetable this year is such that waiting until the end of the day might have left us too tight for time.  Well, I am here to report that doing it first thing was AMAZING!

We started our morning with our regular routine and then went right into our exchange.  That part was still chaotic.  Some kids still have difficulty reading their friend’s names and others had no names on their valentines but could not remember if they gave a card to everyone.   A number of my super quick kids were helping out those in need of help it was super sweet to see.  Once all the cards were taken care of I sent them off to a corner of the room with this activity:


This is a Valentine’s Day Freebie that I created last year and just recently uploaded to my store.  I love it!  In the past, the kids handed out their valentines and then returned to their own bags to see what kinds of treats they got, with little regard for the cards or who they were from.  This activity encourages them to slow down and really look at each valentine so they can categorize and then graph theme.  The kids were so engaged in their sorting and graphing activity they were happy to spread out and look at each valentine.  It made my teacher {HEART} happy. 

After recess I had helped to plan some school wide activities classes buddied up and either started with a craft in one of the classrooms or a dance party in the gym.  We did this for the first time last year and the kids had a blast. My class buddied up the grade 6 class my daughter is in and made these adorable valentine animals.  There were about 50 kids in my very large classroom working away.  I should have taken a picture to show the craziness but only snapped a few of the process.  Every one of my students got help making at least one heart animal.  They loved working with their big buddies. 

During the second half of our block we went to the Just Dance party in the gym. The kids danced along to some great music, ending with Eye of the Tiger We are the Odessa Tigers, after all!  This is a picture of a few of my girls dancing their hearts out.  It was a blast, to say the least! 
After lunch, when my students returned from gym we finished the day with some non-standard measurement with cinnamon hearts and minute to win it games with conversation hearts.  The challenge was to stack the candy into the tallest tower  - I love the thinking outside of the box in the second picture.  I didn’t say a single tower and she nailed it. 

I finished off the day by giving them my valentines - lots of "I love crazy straws"! 


It truly was an awesome day!  The best part is that I am now enjoying a 3 day weekend and will welcome my first student teacher of the year into my classroom on Tuesday.  Happy weekend, everyone! 
Check out all the awesomeness that Erin is sharing over at her blog today.  I am linking up with her to share my Valentine's day of awesome! 

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  1. I think the Valentine sort is BRILLIANT!! I'll never do it another way again! :) It was a fun day!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

    1. I am glad it was a success in your classroom too! Thanks for stopping by.

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