I am turning 2! A look back at my Top 5 Most Popular Posts!

Happy Blogiversary to me!  It is hard for me to believe that I have been blogging for 2 years as of this Sunday, August 21st.  I am trying to be a more consistent blogger and to provide content that will help you in your classroom.  To celebrate I am going to do a bit of a look back and share 5 of my most popular posts.

What would a celebration be without presents?   It wouldn't be much of a celebration at all!  Luckily I have an amazing group of friends who want to celebrate with me and we have a great opportunity for you.  We are offering you the chance to win 1 of 4 TPT gift cards!  With Back to School preparation in full swing these will come in very handy.  I for one could think of many, many awesome resources I would spend it on, but I don't get to go shopping...you do!

My  blog didn't always look this way.  In the beginning I designed it myself and it looked pretty basic, but I was proud of the fact that I figured it out {mostly}on my own.  I was excited for a makeover and still love the look of my blog - I love things that are bright and colourful and the design certainly is.
Now on to the most popular posts from the last 2 years.  Click on each of the graphics to check out the full post.  


This post is filled with advice for teachers - new teachers, those about to retire and everyone in between.  Consider it a little pep talk! 

In this post I shared about my go-to resources to teach Guided Reading as well as the tools I put in the hands of my students to keep them engaged and learning during our small group time.  There are lots of great tips here to check out!  

My third most popular blog post is all about 2D geometry and the activities and centers I use to make it hands-on and fun for my first graders.  I really believe that math is so much more than worksheets and I make sure that everyday during math my students are working with manipulatives to help them to understand and to extend their learning.  

Do you struggle with your name tags?  In this blog post I share how I attach my name tags so they stay on the desk and don't need to be replaced constantly!  

I don't have just one blog post as my most popular but a series of posts. These three posts have received more traffic than all of the posts on my blog put together. That statistic kind of of blew me away!  I am a huge proponent of Word Walls and have used one since I started teaching many years ago.  In this series I am offering tips on how to get started, teaching with your Word Wall and why you need a Word Jail as well as a Word Wall. This blog series is a must read for any primary teacher who uses a Word Wall.  I will be adding 2 more installments soon - How to incorporate Word Families into your Word Wall and How to practice Word Wall words during literacy center time.  

So that's it! My most popular posts so far in my blogging journey.  I hope you will continue to visit and check out my blog.  

Now to the presents for you.  Take a moment to enter the rafflecopter and make sure you visit each of my amazing friends who are helping me out with this giveaway.  I will be announcing the winner on Monday morning.  Good Luck!  

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Simple Centers for Back To School

It's time to think about preparing for Back to School.  I do not return until after the Labor Day weekend but I know many of you have already started or will be back in your classroom shortly. I am fortunate to be part of an amazing group of teacher bloggers and it is our mission to bring you some great Back to School Freebies and tips.

I love to use centers with my students but organization is key or else your centers become a huge mess!  Something that I have started doing is putting a dot of color on the back of all my center cards. This way when students are cleaning up they easily sort the pieces out and put them in the right place. I have many sets of centers that are differentiated so several students may be working close together on different versions of the same center.  This small dot of color has save me multiple times.

No Prep Literacy Centers to practice Short A words.

When organizing my centers I am a firm believer in Ziploc bags - I swear I have shares in the company!  I love to keep everything together and the large gallon sized bags seem to fit everything without having to bend any of the materials. I have started to create and include a label that can be attached to the bag so it makes it even easier for students to return materials to the proper center bag. I keep all the pieces I need right in the bag - paper clips for spinners, dry erase felt squares, dry erase markers etc.  When we are done with the center I take out all but the center pieces and store them in the magazine boxes.

No Prep, Hands-On Literacy Centers to practice Short A words.

Using really simple centers at the beginning of the year is a great way to get students working together.  As a thank you for stopping by my blog I have a center freebie just for you!   This center is a great compliment to my new set of Short Vowel Centers - Short A is in my store but the rest of the short vowels, short vowel printables and word family posters will follow very soon.  You can check them out {HERE}

I have saved the best for last.  You have a chance to win 1 of 3 $50.00 TPT gift cards for stopping by as well.  Just think of all the resources you could purchase!  Enter in the Rafflecopter below and then be sure to hop on to the rest of the blogs to pick up more Back to School Tips and Freebies.

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