My Summer Bucket List

My summer vacation started officially on Saturday but I don't consider vacation actually starts until you get to sleep in on that first workday morning.  Today was my first sleep in day....ahhhhh.

How are you planning to spend your summer?  I always make a mental bucket list in my head at the beginning of holidays but decided to share it with the world this year.  Here are my must dos this summer.

~ Sleep in ~

We are an early start school so sleeping in until 8:00 AM is a real treat.

~ Read ~

I don't do a lot of reading for fun during the school year because I don't have a lot of self control when it comes to books. :)  I need to keep reading when I am in the middle of a really good book and tend to neglect other important things like housework.

~ Organize and do some deep cleaning at home ~ 

Things really start to slip in the last few months of school and everywhere I look it is staring me in the face.  It is time to deal with those spaces and get my house back in shape.

~ Spend time with friends ~  

I want to be able to go to the movies on a weeknight, meet a friend for a coffee or sit by their pool. Just hanging out is high on my list of things to do.

~ Limit device time for my kids ~

I have a teenage son and a pre-teen daughter who need to spend time away from Ipads, Iphones and computers.  We will go on day trips to get away from the devices and keep everyone busy.

~ Spend time at the cottage ~

We spend many of our weekends there, with and without company, and love it.  My husband and I both have family where our cottage is as well.  We tend to "cottage hop" over the weekends to everyone's cottage to hangout and watch our husbands do water sports and our kids tube.

~ Travel ~

We also have a 40 foot RV that we will be taking down east again this summer.  The plan is to travel through the US and then up to Nova Scotia.  We always have an amazing time travelling in our RV.

~ Work on products for my TPT store ~

I have a million ideas all swirling around in my head to work on now that I have the time.  However, I have to pace myself and set an example for my kids who I am trying to limit device time with - that is a bit of a catch 22.

I hope you can relate to some of the items on my list.  I would love to hear about your plans.  Simply save the above image and use it on your blog when you post about your summer bucket list.


Product Makeover Madness!


I am very excited to be part of the #tptsellerchallenge that is being hosted by the lovely ladies over at Peppy Zesty Teacherista, Sparkling In Second, Teach, Create, Motivate and Third in Hollywood.

The first week's challenge is to makeover a product that is currently in your store.  I have been working away at giving my covers a refresh for quite some time now.  Here is one of my recent before and afters:

and another:

For the challenge I updated a product that will be popular during BTS season.  I love the new look of the cover.  I hope potential buyers do too!

I also updated the contents of a couple more of my products.  I have added a few new pages in my best selling Gus and Linus Craftivity pack and did a bit of a touch up on the cover.

In my Canadian Money Read the Room product I changed the values of the coin cards and refreshed the printable.  I had recently changed up my cover.

I still have a few more makeovers I want to complete this week so stay tuned to Instagram and my Facebook page to see how they turn out.

Thank you ladies for giving me the push to improve my products.   Are you participating in the challenge.  Let me know below!  

Task Cards!

A Task Card Sale!

Do you love to use task cards with your students?  I certainly do!  My students love them.  I am participating in a Task Card sale with a group of sellers so I though I would highlight a few of my Task Card products so that you could take a closer look.

First off are my Poetry Task Cards.  I place these in a center with poetry that we have already worked on or poems that are simple enough that students can work on them independently.  My students love that some of the cards ask them to use highlighters to show certain words or patterns.  Highlighters are highly motivating for first graders.

My students use task cards more frequently during our math time.  I will often laminate them so that the cards can be completed with dry erase marker instead.  A great example of these are my 120 Chart Puzzle Task Cards.  Students fill in the missing numbers to complete each puzzle.  I have this construction set as well as an ocean theme and sweet treats.

We recently completed our money unit and my new Money Task Cards were a big hit.  I created a number of games to practice money and used these task cards for early finishers.  There is a lot of variety to the questions asked so the students stayed motivated.  I simply provided a tray of coins to use to help solve each problem and they were all set.  This set is for Canadian coins.

This is a sampling of some of my task card products in my store.  I have plans for even more task card products for the upcoming school year.  The sellers below are all showcasing their task card products in their store and offering a 20% discount for a short time.  The list below are some of the participants.  You can also click {HERE}(if you are a TpT seller) and see a full listing of participating stores.

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