An "awesome" Health/Science lesson

Hi everyone, I am checking in with a short post right now and linking up with Erin yet again to share an awesome moment/lesson from last week.

We have been learning about our organs while investigating living things.   My students know that we are living things and they wanted to learn more about what makes us living things, thus our learning about our vital organs. 

This particular lesson was on the lungs.  The kids were very excited to use the stethoscope to listen to themselves breathe and to listen to their heart.  The intent look of concentration while they listened was priceless and then the excited smile when they heard their heart and could notice their breathing.  These opportunities really bring this unit to life.  We watched another  video from and have also does a close read about the lungs and completed a true or false.  The close reads and activities will be available in my TPT store soon. 

Like I said this was short and sweet.  I have a detailed blog post in the works outlining my word work so head back to my blog again soon. 


The Sunday Scoop!
This is my first time linking up with the Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop.  I thought it would be fun.  Enjoy! 


A week of Awesome moments!

This week was a short one for us here in Canada with Monday being our Thanksgiving holiday.  Short weeks always seem to feel the longest.  I think I always try to pack in 5 days worth of work into 4 days. 
As you may know, if you follow my blog, we are taking an inquiry approach in Science.  As part of our living things unit the kids wanted to investigate our organs.  We have been learning about the heart this week.  W e started with a great video. You can find it at this site.  These are very informative and kid friendly. 

We used our Go Noodle time to see how our heart beat felt when we are just sitting and then after a 3 minute Go Noodle brain break time.  Favourite quote from that exercise “my heart feels like it will jump right out of my body!”  They also listened to my heart and discovered that my heart rate is slower when I am in a resting state then theirs.  Next we will learn about the lungs and make a model of a lung.  That should be exciting!

We reached the end of our patterning unit.  This unit seemed to last forever.  We used my patterning problems to wrap up.  The kids were really engaged and enjoyed using the cut and paste option over the real blocks.  I am excited to move on to more number sense and introduce my Hallowe’en math centers.
The biggest moment for the kids from our week was our Read to Self chart.  We have been working really hard at building our stamina and reading the whole time during Read to Self.  This past week we finally made 15 minutes.  Now our 15 minutes of “quiet” reading isn’t as quiet as it might be in an older grade but they are engaged!   At the end of 10 minutes the kids earned a reading buddy (stuffed animal) to read with and then at our 15 minute milestone all the students got bookmarks for their book boxes.  You would have thought I gave them gold they were so excited. 

What was your most awesome moment this week?

Hallowe'en in Grade One - This is how we do it!

Welcome to my blog.  I hope you have hopped over here by following the Hallowe'en Blog Hop and picked up some great freebies along the way. 
I have a confession I really don’t like Hallowe’en.  It is my least favourite “holiday” of the year.  Christmas is my fave!  However, teaching first graders means embracing Hallowe’en and all that comes with it, so I have come to enjoy celebrating it in the classroom. 

Hallowe’en becomes our “theme” for a week or two prior to the big day.  I find ways to incorporate Hallowe’en themes into math and language.   I have a huge collection of Hallowe’en picture books and we enjoy several every day.   We are talking about characters and setting at this time so these books are fantastic for focusing on both.  Big Pumpkin and Are You My Mummy are two of our favourites. 

Hallowe’en math is always a hit and even better when I can find hands on materials to use.  A favourite activity of ours is to use those great dollar store erasers when working with 10’s frames.  We are always working on exploring numbers at this point in math and the kids love to use the cute erasers on the 10 frames lots of fun and learning too! 

Another great math activity we do is a Pumpkin Glyph.  I had never heard of a glyph before a few years ago.  It is a great way for kids to tell about themselves in a creative and hands on way.   In the past we have created these glyphs with our buddies from an older grade but this year I am going to give it a go on my own.   Once completed, they are displayed at their desks and then I have the students wander around.  Their job is to “read” the glyph of 2 classmates and report about what his/her pumpkin glyph tells about him/her .   

One last fun math game we play is Roll and Uncover!  It is perfect since we are reviewing numbers.  The students need to be able to recognize these numbers without counting.  I also want them to see the dot pattern on the dice and instantly recognize the number.  The best part of this game is they start with a full game board, roll a number and then eat the candy corn on that number.  The first to eat all their candy is the winner! 

I have Math Centers in my classroom and created a Hallowe’en themed pack of math centers to practice working with numbers to 30.  These centers are perfect for my firsties.  They incorporate all the skills we are working on representing numbers, sequencing numbers, skip counting and more. 

My students LOVE to do Read and Write the Room activities so I created, as part of this pack, a Hallowe’en set for my students:   The students count the bone tally marks and print the number to match on their recording sheet.  You can pick up this sample from the center pack for FREE by clicking on the picture below

If you are interested in checking out the full package of Hallowe’en math centers please click on the picture below.

Have a Happy Hallowe’en and don’t forget to hop to all of the other blogs and check out how they celebrate Hallowe’en.  
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Centers, A Freebie and A Thanksgiving Sale!

Do you have those days when you think Wow! Just wow!  I wish I could erase that day from my life.  I had one of those days this week and it just happened to be on a very windy day following a full moon/lunar eclipse.  Anyone else notice this?  I knew that my day was going to be difficult the moment my lovely little firsties walked through the door.   Windy days and full moons send children spinning!   I am happy to report that the next day was sooo much better.  No wind AND no full moon made for a far calmer day.  Thank goodness.  That is definitely a reason to be thankful.

This week I fully launched my centers in Math and Literacy.  We are really working hard at following the expectations that we all agreed on.  This is our expectations chart for our Word Work time which is part of my evolving Daily 5. I love the concept of the Daily 5 but I have molded it to work for me.  More about that in another post.  I would normally do two rotations but right now we are just working at one and trying our best to do our best. 

We are reviewing short vowel sounds so the kids are loving using my short vowel picture cards for my Read and Write the Room - I Can Spell Short Vowel Words.   I created it as a read the room activity but the cards are so versatile you can use them in many ways.  Right now I sorted out the short 'a' and short 'e' cards and the students sort through the cards and put them on the sorting mat and then they write them on the recording sheet.  Click on the image below if you want this FREEBIE to use with these cards.  

Besides this, we are using vowel sticks and magnets and a syllable center to practice all the things we are working on.   Next week I will start to pull away my support to see how they handle things without me.  This is the time that I would be running my guided reading groups.  As you might have notice on our expectations chart, I don’t want to be interrupted during groups. 

Math centers are going even better but we are still only doing just one each day as well.  Those darn transitions between centers are hard to manage for kids.  We are FINALLY using my patterning centers and the kids LOVE the cards.  They love using the pattern blocks to work on the cards although a few bragged today that they don’t “need” the blocks.  They can figure them out in their head such smarties J 

Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada so we got to do a little math in our art too.  I love doing handprint turkeys with the kids.  Tracing their hand and cutting it out is great fine motor practice and I think it is a sweet keepsake for parents.  I always saved those crafts for my own children who are now 11 and 14.  Everyone had to decide on a colour pattern using warm colours (we are learning about colours in Art) to make their feathers and then decide how many hands they needed to cut and trace to make the pattern repeat.  This really caused them to think.  Gluing it down presented some challenges for a few but I think they turned out awesome.  To finish them off we glued our Turkey poem on the tummy and wrote about our pattern.  They sure make a colourful display in our classroom. 

With Thanksgiving this weekend I would like to say how thankful I am that I am able to share my love of teaching and my ideas with you.  I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and find some inspiration in here somewhere.  I love reading blogs and getting to peak into classrooms. I am also grateful for the opportunity to sell my products on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Speaking of which a group of us are having a sale this weekend.  Click my picture below or any other seller for that matter to go straight to the store.  Be sure to check out all of the great deals. 
I am linking up with Erin again at Mrs. Beattie's Classroom to share my awesome.

I am looking forward to some R&R this weekend at our cottage as well as turkey and homemade pumpkin pie.  If you are celebrating this weekend have a Happy Thankgiving!  
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