Looking Back ~ My Blog Year in Review

Happy New Year!  I am linking up with my friend and colleague Erin from Mrs. Beattie's Classroom to share my top 10 most read posts of 2015.  It was eye opening going over my statistics from last year and finding out which posts were most popular with my readers.  You can visit each post if you would like to check it out by clicking on each title.

And now... here are my top 10!

Number 10 ~ Classroom Reveal! 

In this post I shared my classroom setup for our start up in September.  It is alway A LOT of work getting a classroom ready for a new class and I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

Number 9 ~ Tada ~ A New Look Blog Reveal

I was so excited to have my blog redone early on this year by Kristen at Chalk and Apples.  I designed my blog when I decided to start this journey but wasn't prepared to try to overhaul it myself. That is a job best left to the expert.  I am still thrilled when I look at even after many months!

Number 8 ~ Halloween Hop # 1

I am coming to realize that any blog hops are a great way to access a new audience and hopefully entice viewers to come back for more content.  A number of my top 10 posts are ones that were part of a blog hop.  Check out this post and wishlist my Hallowe'en freebie for next year.

Number 7 ~ Back To School

Katie from Pop Into Primary and I hosted a back to school blog hop to share our favouite tips to start out the year.  I blogged about using take home bags.  Lots of people took the time to link up so this is a worthwhile post to come back to next August.

Number 6 ~ Five for Frunday

I don't remember to participate in the 5 for Friday posts very often but obviously I should, as this was a pretty popular post.  This post was truly a recap of a week in the life of my first grade classroom. We were all about bucket filling this week and my students were working on their Bucket Filler booklets.

Number 5 ~ #littlefishteacherblogger

This post needs some explanation.  Do you remember when Periscope blew up for teachers following the #teacherspayteachers conference in Vegas?  Well, I was hooked on Periscope hook line and sinker.  There was so much going on and I started to scope and watch scopes and there was a lot of talk about how teachers new to the blogging/tpt world could start out in a sea of big, successful teachers and teacherpreneurs.  I listened to a scope that alluded to this and then went on to scope about how we #littlefish could band together and be supportive of one and other.  I created a link up for those who felt that way to link up and find one and other and provide readership to newbie bloggers etc.  To date 156 teacher bloggers have linked up and I hope they have visited the post and checked out the blogs.

Number 4 ~ Hallowe'en Hop #2

This was the second of 3 Hallowe'en posts.  I got a little carried away getting involved in link ups in the month of October.  Here is another freebie that you can wishlist for next year.

Number 3 ~ 2D geometry and dabbling with Inquiry

In this post I highlighted my centers for 2D geometry and shared a bit about my first baby steps into implementing inquiry in my classroom.

Number 2 ~ Summer blog hop

I participated in another blog hop over the summer to share about my summer vacation.  It was a lot of fun sharing about my summer vacation and reading about everyone who linked up.

Number 1 ~ What's in your Guided Reading Toolkit?

I am so happy to see that this was my most viewed post of 2015.  I poured a lot of time and energy into this post and into the comprehension checks question cards that are featured in this post.  I have been working really hard to improve my practice in terms of teaching guided reading and this post highlights some of my tried and true strategies.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my top 10.  I am excited for what 2016 holds in store for me!

Until next time,

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  1. This is a great selection of top posts! Thanks for linking up with me this year!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom