Grinch Day!

Yeah!  It is the last week before our two week break.  It is going to be a whirlwind of a week but I am ready for it.  I am linking up with Erin at Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom to share about our Grinch Day because it was just “that awesome”.

First off, I need to confess something.  Grinch Day was Tuesday and this is Wednesday.  I had full intentions of coming home after my hair appointment and Christmas shopping to write this post but instead I crashed minutes after getting home and was in bed at {GASP} 9:15.  This NEVER happens!!  I am a night owl and am usually up much later.  I think I am running out of gas and just need to get through to Friday.

Our day started with most of my kids wearing green and checking on our elf, Snowflake.  He got a hold of some scissors and decided to decorate our tree.  My plan had been to have him sitting with a  stuffed Grinch.  I asked around and went looking myself for a stuffed Grinch, but apparently they are nonexistent now.  Believe me, I tried all the possible shops but had no luck.  I have borrowed from a student in the past but I could not remember who it was, so I was out of luck.   

The first thing we did was listen to a reading of the story.  There are some great audio versions that are far more expressive then I can ever be, so I settled for turning the pages of the book.  We had a good discussion about why the book was black and white and red (no colour). The kids then paired up and filled in an organizer with words that described the Grinch.  Just as we wrapped this up our “special visitor” arrived.  My Principal had agreed to come in and do a craft with the kids.  I didn’t let them in on the little secret in case something came up at the office and she could not come.  She often finds cute crafts on Pinterest and sends them to me.  I thought it would be fun to have her do one with the kids.  I am glad that she was able to come and the kids really enjoyed making their Grinch handprint with her and an older student helper that came with her.  As you can see they still need a few finishing touches. 

After a break for recess we began another “craftivity”.  We discussed things we could do to make the Grinch grin, but first we discussed what a grin was.  I was surprised by the fact that the kids did not know what a grin was but several were happy to “show” their friends what the word meant.  Very cute!!  They partnered up with their turn and talk partner and shared their ideas before heading off to start the writing.  Once the grin was completed they got to work assembling their Grinch.  The templates came from Deanna Jump’s Grinch Unit, which I can't seem to find anywhere online now to give you a link to.  They turned out super cute and perfect for a whole class photo because their faces were all covered with the Grinch. 

Our final Grinch activity before lunch was more academic and involved talking to a partner again as well.  This is my “go-to” strategy to prepare kids to write.  Even my most reluctant kids are better prepared to write if they first share with a peer.  I used another activity out of Deanna’s unit.  We have been learning about character traits and comparing the character at the beginning and the end of the story was a perfect activity.  Colouring the Grinch when the writing was finished might have been a motivator too J


We ended our day with the Grinch animated version and enjoyed a green candy or two.  The kids declared that Grinch day was the “funnest day ever”.  At least until Polar Express Day on Friday. We will have to see!

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