Elf Adventures and our new Writing Center!

 I am linking this post up with RClassroomsRUs.  We worked on writing all week long but this is a snapshot of how it looked in our room this week. 

What an exciting day we had today.  The kids arrived to find our elf was sitting at my computer and had changed the desktop on the computer.  He was promptly relocated to the top of our tree so we could get on with our day.

The highlight of our day happened after recess.  In the morning the kids were asking all sorts of questions about a new bulletin board area but I held them off until later. When they came in I shared with them that they were all going to write to Santa.  Everyone was very excited but some were a little concerned that they had already sent their letter to Santa.  I was quick to share that Santa is ok with another letter. 
We started off by looking at the sample letters and taking a look at each part.  We talked about what each of these parts meant and they talked to their “turn and talk” about what they could say in their letter.  I asked them to think of 2 things they wanted to tell Santa and then 2 questions they had for Santa.  Everyone was very engaged and full of information to share with their partner.  This talking piece always translates into a better start to the writing part. 

Next we looked at the resources that would help them write their letter.  We took a close look at the I Can.. chart or success criteria and the word cards.  Right away the first question was “why are there candy canes between the words?”  To which I replied “We are using candy canes instead of our space men!”  They literally cheered about that, but I did add the disclaimer that they weren’t going to eat them today. 
Everyone got to their writing and it was a very productive writing time.  My principal happened to wander in while everyone was writing.  She got a first hand look at how well everyone was working.  They were very excited to share about the candy canes, too. 
After we finish our Santa letters (which our elf, Snowflake, is delivering to the North Pole) this will become our regular writing center.  Students can choose to write to anyone at the North Pole: Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Frosty, the Elves.  I expect with this shared experience and their own opportunity to write their letter to Santa that they will be able to use the center independently during Daily 5.  There will be a basket to put finished letters in and Snowflake will do nightly deliveries for us.  I think that some of the letters might even get responses. J

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