A week of "elf" tastic adventures.

Welcome to my new linky which highlights the adventures we are having with the Elf on the Shelf in the classroom.  Grab the graphic above to use on your page and link back and then scroll right to the bottom to link up. 

It’s December 1st and time to bring out the Elf Snowflake!   I don’t have the kids name him.  I tell them that Santa hand picks classroom elves because they have to be super well behaved!  I can’t have him messing up our classroom!  The kids were super excited to meet him. 

When the kids joined me on the carpet and I closed down our attendance they let out a collective cry when they saw the elf was on the smartboard.  He hijacked my background.  Later on we were writing our letters to Santa.  I used my Letters to the North Pole pack.  You can read more about how it works {HERE}. The kids really got excited about using the candy cane spacers and crowding around our Christmas word wall.  The Grade 7 or 8 Challenge Program students are responding to their letters.  I have also submitted them to the local paper to hopefully be included in their Christmas section. 


We arrived to find Snowflake sitting on Santa’s lap today.  That was a great reminder that we needed to finish our letters today.  We are working on graphing right now in math and have been making some concrete graphs with materials in our classroom.  I love using the rulers as our “starting line” and the kids love using post its to make their labels.  We will progress to pictographs and bar graphs later this week and adding most/least to our math star chart.  Next week will start using my Christmas Graphing Centers.  You can find them {HERE}. 

More elf shenanigans today.  After our letters from Tuesday we decided that maybe Snowflake would be our mail carrier to the North Pole.  Today he arrived with a basket and sign and a letter saying he would love to deliver letters to everyone at the North Pole.  He also had a little reminder from Santa to be better listeners.  Unfortunately, that didn’t help because it was somewhat of a crazy day!  We went to our local high school to watch the musical Seussical.  They did an amazing job.  I spotted several former students in the cast and many former students from our school.  The kids truly enjoyed the show. 

TGIFIt has been a long week and the elf isn’t really helping the kids behaviour as I thought it might.  It worked wonders for last year’s class.  Today he was on our clipchart with a reminder from Santa yet again.  I have big plans for Monday so you will need to check back to see how it goes with the elf and a couple of boys who think touching the Elf is a good idea. 
What have the awesome moments been from your week? 
And since this week has been so awesome I am also linking up with Erin at Mrs. Beattie's Classroom. 



  1. I love how you're using Snowflake in the classroom! Can't wait to see what he gets up to on Monday! :)

    Thanks for linking up!
    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

    1. Stay tuned. He is planning a visit elsewhere in the school.

  2. I am wondering what is in the wrapped up packages? Are you doing a book a day advent calendar?

    1. I wrap one of my Christmas picture books for each student. Each day 1 or 2 children are randomly chosen using the random chooser on the Smartboard to open the story to be read. The kids love it!

    2. That's an excellent idea! Love it!

      Also, did you make your elf background? I would love to do that too!