More Elf-tastic Adventures with Snowflake!

Week 2 of our Elf-tastic Adventures with Snowflake, our classroom elf. 

Welcome to week 2 of my new linky, which highlights the adventures we are having with the Elf on the Shelf in the classroom.  Grab the graphic above to use on your page and link back and then scroll right to the bottom to link up. 

2 weeks to go before the holidays and the kids are excited!  We have had a great week with our elf.  I am having a lot of fun coming up with adventures each day.  If you were here last week you will know that I mentioned something was coming on Monday. 
On Monday morning my children found a note on our Christmas tree.  I forgot to take a picture but the gist of the note was that our elf, Snowflake didn’t feel safe in our classroom and was going to visit another elf in the Kindergarten classroom.  He had heard that the children there don't try to touch their elf.  He was afraid he was going to lose his magic if he stayed in our classroom.  My kids were a little shocked by the news but quickly pointed out that these boys were touching him and that maybe, just maybe he would come back to us.  Unfortunately, the boy who was the worst offender ended up being absent that day.  The other little guy was at school and he definitely got the message.  Snowflake also put in the note that he would come back to the classroom if the boys wrote a letter and promised they would not touch him again.  This little guy eagerly sat down to write. 

So what happened to our elf in the K room?  Well, take a look!

 Poor Snowflake, he goes there to stay out of trouble and then gets tied up and surrounded by playmobile people.  Too cute!  Later in the day my little guy and a girl who is sooo in love with our elf visited to make sure Snowflake was OK and to deliver the letter.  I think this really had the impact I was hoping for. 

I really struggled with what to do next: Do I wait until my other little guy returned to school and wrote his own letter or do I have him return?   I had no idea if he would be back to school the next day because we didn’t know why he was absent.   As a result, I decided Snowflake should return.  This is what we found him doing on Tuesday morning. 
I purposely “guarded” him because he was within reach and my little offender was back to school.  When we were all on the carpet we read the letter that Snowflake was reading (It was the apology letter) and everyone shared how happy they were that he did come back.  I think I will strategically place Snowflake out of reach of my little friends.  J

This morning the kids thought that Snowflake was giving another reminder, one that I didn’t even plan.  He was on top of the smart board wrapped in these great dollar store Christmas lights.  He was right beside our whole body listeners posters.  The kids thought he was trying to remind them to use their whole body listening skills.  Not my plan, but believe me I ran with it all day.  Today we also did an awesome directed drawing activity that I found on Pinterest.  You can read about it {HERE}.  I am a big fan of directed drawing because it allows all children to feel successful.  They totally surprise themselves when they are done.  I will post a photo of the collection of reindeer later; I totally forgot to take a pic of my bulletin board. 

Today our students will performing in our school concert so everyone was crazy excited and full of questions about whenwhenwhen are we going to do the show.  We were sing "All I want for Christmas is my two Front Teeth"  2 little girls arrived that morning missing a front tooth.  Perfect timing! 
Snowflake also picked this day to bring a friend to visit. It was a hippo who sings “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” but I didn’t check the batteries and he didn’t work L  Beside our elf is our class mascot, Ellie.  The kids took this really well.  However, I was reminded many times throughout the day to bring batteries to school the next day Guess what Snowflake will have with him tomorrow? ;) That makes an easy Friday set up with our Elf. 

I am looking forward to a much calmer week next week.  That may sound a bit odd for the week before the holidays but it has been an incredibly busy week at our school.  We are going to do a lot of crafting, math games, Christmas read alouds and responses, Grinch Day and Polar Express Day.  That kind of chaos I can handle because my nights are free. 

I would love for you to link up if you have an Elf in your classroom.  It is fun to see all the photos people post but I really enjoy reading the stories that go with them.  If you link up please grab the graphic above and link back to this page.  Have a great final week! 

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