Hallowe'en in Grade One - This is how we do it!

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I have a confession I really don’t like Hallowe’en.  It is my least favourite “holiday” of the year.  Christmas is my fave!  However, teaching first graders means embracing Hallowe’en and all that comes with it, so I have come to enjoy celebrating it in the classroom. 

Hallowe’en becomes our “theme” for a week or two prior to the big day.  I find ways to incorporate Hallowe’en themes into math and language.   I have a huge collection of Hallowe’en picture books and we enjoy several every day.   We are talking about characters and setting at this time so these books are fantastic for focusing on both.  Big Pumpkin and Are You My Mummy are two of our favourites. 

Hallowe’en math is always a hit and even better when I can find hands on materials to use.  A favourite activity of ours is to use those great dollar store erasers when working with 10’s frames.  We are always working on exploring numbers at this point in math and the kids love to use the cute erasers on the 10 frames lots of fun and learning too! 

Another great math activity we do is a Pumpkin Glyph.  I had never heard of a glyph before a few years ago.  It is a great way for kids to tell about themselves in a creative and hands on way.   In the past we have created these glyphs with our buddies from an older grade but this year I am going to give it a go on my own.   Once completed, they are displayed at their desks and then I have the students wander around.  Their job is to “read” the glyph of 2 classmates and report about what his/her pumpkin glyph tells about him/her .   

One last fun math game we play is Roll and Uncover!  It is perfect since we are reviewing numbers.  The students need to be able to recognize these numbers without counting.  I also want them to see the dot pattern on the dice and instantly recognize the number.  The best part of this game is they start with a full game board, roll a number and then eat the candy corn on that number.  The first to eat all their candy is the winner! 

I have Math Centers in my classroom and created a Hallowe’en themed pack of math centers to practice working with numbers to 30.  These centers are perfect for my firsties.  They incorporate all the skills we are working on representing numbers, sequencing numbers, skip counting and more. 

My students LOVE to do Read and Write the Room activities so I created, as part of this pack, a Hallowe’en set for my students:   The students count the bone tally marks and print the number to match on their recording sheet.  You can pick up this sample from the center pack for FREE by clicking on the picture below

If you are interested in checking out the full package of Hallowe’en math centers please click on the picture below. 

Have a Happy Hallowe’en and don’t forget to hop to all of the other blogs and check out how they celebrate Hallowe’en.  
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  1. Awesome Halloween activities!

  2. I LOVE your Hallowe'en math centers! Aren't you glad the big day is on a Friday this year?!

    1. Absolutely! Hopefully by Monday the sugar will be out of their system!