An "awesome" Health/Science lesson

Hi everyone, I am checking in with a short post right now and linking up with Erin yet again to share an awesome moment/lesson from last week.

We have been learning about our organs while investigating living things.   My students know that we are living things and they wanted to learn more about what makes us living things, thus our learning about our vital organs. 

This particular lesson was on the lungs.  The kids were very excited to use the stethoscope to listen to themselves breathe and to listen to their heart.  The intent look of concentration while they listened was priceless and then the excited smile when they heard their heart and could notice their breathing.  These opportunities really bring this unit to life.  We watched another  video from and have also does a close read about the lungs and completed a true or false.  The close reads and activities will be available in my TPT store soon. 

Like I said this was short and sweet.  I have a detailed blog post in the works outlining my word work so head back to my blog again soon. 

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