A week of Awesome moments!

This week was a short one for us here in Canada with Monday being our Thanksgiving holiday.  Short weeks always seem to feel the longest.  I think I always try to pack in 5 days worth of work into 4 days. 
As you may know, if you follow my blog, we are taking an inquiry approach in Science.  As part of our living things unit the kids wanted to investigate our organs.  We have been learning about the heart this week.  W e started with a great video. You can find it at this site.  http://kidshealth.org/kid  These are very informative and kid friendly. 

We used our Go Noodle time to see how our heart beat felt when we are just sitting and then after a 3 minute Go Noodle brain break time.  Favourite quote from that exercise “my heart feels like it will jump right out of my body!”  They also listened to my heart and discovered that my heart rate is slower when I am in a resting state then theirs.  Next we will learn about the lungs and make a model of a lung.  That should be exciting!

We reached the end of our patterning unit.  This unit seemed to last forever.  We used my patterning problems to wrap up.  The kids were really engaged and enjoyed using the cut and paste option over the real blocks.  I am excited to move on to more number sense and introduce my Hallowe’en math centers.     

The biggest moment for the kids from our week was our Read to Self chart.  We have been working really hard at building our stamina and reading the whole time during Read to Self.  This past week we finally made 15 minutes.  Now our 15 minutes of “quiet” reading isn’t as quiet as it might be in an older grade but they are engaged!   At the end of 10 minutes the kids earned a reading buddy (stuffed animal) to read with and then at our 15 minute milestone all the students got bookmarks for their book boxes.  You would have thought I gave them gold they were so excited. 

What was your most awesome moment this week?  



  1. What a great website! I'd never seen that one before. I'm going to bookmark it for my own classroom! Thanks for sharing and linking up again this week!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. It is a great site. I love the kid friendly videos.

  3. Completely agree about the 4 day weeks feeling so long! Your living things unit sounds like loads of fun. I'll have to check out that website!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. They are really enjoying learning all about their organs and love to see what it really looks like. I am going to head over to your blog and check it out. Please take a moment to follow me if you want to hear more.