Day One, Done!

Day 1 DONE! 

Hello everyone!  For my Canadian followers:  Happy First Day of School - I hope that your first day back was all that you had hoped for.  My wish for today was a day without rain and my wish came true!  The rain held off until after bus time.  Yahoo! 

This morning I welcomed 18 boys and girls into my grade 1 classroom.  Once again this year I have a boy heavy class.  It seems our entire division is overflowing with boys.  We had a great morning getting to know each other.  I read First Day Jitters and we created a class graph on the smart board about our own feelings about school.  I am happy to report that most children were excited to start Grade 1. 

After recess I used a new activity from TPT: M&M Round Robin Get to Know You. The kids were so excited when they found out they got to eat the M&M’s.  It was a great activity for firsties because the cards had picture cues on them so that they could remember what the question was.  A group of children modeled what was expected and then the children took their baggies and headed to their tables to talk about themselves and eat candy what more could a 6 year old ask for?

Another first day activity I always do is  self-portrait.  They learned a short poem about the first day of school and then illustrated that poem and put it on the WOW wall. Our last special first day activity was a craftivity for The Kissing Hand.  The kids trace their hand on construction paper, put a heart sticker on it and glue it to a special poem paper and take it home to mom/dad as a first day gift. 

We had a packed day with fun activities, GO Noodle and a few tears as the day wound down.  It is a pretty long day for 6 year olds getting used to returning to school.  One surprising note from today was that not one of the kids asked when they were going to play they did ask about toys but no one was worried that there was no play time.  Let’s see how long that lasts! 

How was your first day back?


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  1. The self portraits are very cute! :) 8 p.m. on day two and I'm ready for bed!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom