A week of Awesome - Better late than never!


I am finally linking up to share my awesome moments from last week and this week is almost over!  I had a very busy weekend and did not get to it then so I guess as they say, better late than never! 

I am going to do things a bit differently this week and just hit the “awesome” highlights for the week, rather than day by day.  Last week seems like somewhat of a blur now that we are into a new week. 

On Monday our school celebrated International Dot Day.  We kicked it off with a short assembly and then returned to our classroom.  I find that the kids have a hard time following things in an assembly so we “watched” the book again.  This time the kids seemed to understand the message.  We talked about what it meant to “make your mark” and then we created our own dot art work in the spirit of Vashti’s art work from the book  The kids loved using markers and creating all different styles of dots.  Their finished pieces were framed in gold, just as Vashti’s was in the book.  Awesome! 

We have been working hard to review our letter sounds the last few weeks.  I came up with an activity and song to help with that that we use on the smartboard The Letters on the Bus.  We sing a little song about the sounds each of the letters make that are riding the bus.  The kids are really enjoying it and the best part is I am starting to notice an improvement in their letter/sound recognition.  Today I added some animals for an extension activity after we sang our song.  They loved moving the animals onto the bus if they started with the same letter sound.  In their words - "this is Awesome". 

Behaviour Bingo is in full swing in our classroom this week and the kids are working really hard to earn their first prize.  Everyone is working together to line up quietly (well, usually) and make their way to the carpet quickly and quietly (that is going better..).  I think if our trend continues we will celebrate with our first prize later this week.  I know the kids would respond “awesome”
Our week ended with our annual Terry Fox Walk.  This is always a tough topic in Grade 1.  How do you talk about cancer with students who may not have any experience with it, or if they do, it is very upsetting?  Like so many others, my family has been touched with cancer, so it is also an emotional conversation for me.  I try to focus the student’s attention on what Terry Fox did in response to his cancer and why that made him a hero.  For the most part they understood that.  However,  there is always one little guy that just doesn’t understand “hero” in any context but a superhero.  Try as I might I don’t think I convinced him that Terry Fox is not anything like Batman and they will never battle!  6 year old minds!  It was awesome to see my students out walking with the rest of the school and helping to raise funds for a great cause. 

What was your awesome this week? 


  1. I love your Letters on the Bus idea!! How fun for the kids! I had to smile when I read about the Batman and Terry Fox battle... Batman doesn't stand a chance! ;)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom