Take Home Reading Program Sneak Peek

Reading Logs are something teachers either love or hate.  There doesn't appear to be a lot of middle ground with opinions.  I think a reading log as part of a take home reading program is a valuable part of your program.  
I am not an advocate of homework in first grade but I make the exception with reading nightly.  I believe every child should read to an adult every night and be read to as well.  Both of these are equally important.  Children need the opportunity to practice reading nightly so they can work on decoding skills and comprehension skills.  They also should listen to books that they can talk about with an adult and just enjoy.  Reading should not be a chore.  

When I developed my take home reading package I was looking for a simple way for students to record their reading and a way to motivate them to read during the times they were not feeling like doing it.  I give out fun little prizes I offer after a student has read 20 times at home (not necessarily 20 books).  
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