Take Home Reading Program Sneak Peek

I will say it up front:  There are no pictures today.  I left for work this morning without my purse and thus my phone.  I was very upset because I had great intentions of posting some photos of my room.  I promise to post lots tomorrow. 

I also promised to talk about my word wall but tonight I want to follow up on my post yesterday about my take home reading program.  I mentioned that I would be posting my package in my TPT store but wanted to give my followers a sneak peek.  I have already prepped my folders but the students will not receive them to closer to the end of September.  This is a preview of the pages in the package. 
I would love for you to follow my blog, leave a comment and tell me what you think.  Would it be useful for you?  I will be posting it tomorrow after school in my TPT store, so if you are interested go and check it out. 

This is short and sweet because it is wayyyyy past my bedtime and I have to be up bright and early to get my son to his grade 9 orientation (yikes!) and then try to finish off my classroom. 

Until tomorrow,


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