And So It Has started...

And So it has started

Hey everyone.  Today was my first full day back in my classroom after a short visit in July.  I always spend the week before the kids arrive getting things ready.  I like to get it done at a more leisurely pace and find that my head is in school mode anyway. 

Today was a long day of sorting, organizing and working on a few bulletin boards.  This is the stuff I LOVE to do, don’t we all?  I could spend an entire week on preparing the environment and have no time for the truly important part what will I do with my students?

Last year was my first year in this room and this year my numbers are significantly higher so I have opened up my layout a bit.  I have struggled a bit with making this work.  I am still not sure I like where things are being placed.  Below is a look at last year’s finished room. 


This is a photo of how a few areas look so far...far from done!   As you can see, I have a huge Word Wall space.  I think the Word Wall is vitally important in Grade 1.   I will be blogging more about how I use the word wall this week, so check back each day for something new. 
Sorry the pictures are so washed out.  I took them with my iphone and the colours seem really dull for some reason.  I still have my writing focus wall and word jail to do along with my bucket filling display.  So much to do...


Did you go into school today?  What did you focus on?  I would love to hear from you!



  1. I did NOT go in today! ;) I spent 4 full days last week, so I'll just pop in later on this week for the last-minute updates. I bet it was busy in there today...

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

    1. It was. Lots of new registrations today as well. My numbers haven't changed yet.

  2. Hi,
    What kinds of activities do you do with the popcorn words? Thank you,

    1. Great question. I will be blogging all about my popcorn words and the word wall this week. Become a follower and check back for the scoop on how I make this work in my classroom. Thanks for the question.