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Welcome to the Winter Fun blog hop and giveaway.  Have you got the winter blahs?  Many of you have been buried in snow and others have dealt with extreme cold.  I have been pretty fortunate so far this winter, with no major snowfalls or icy days yet.  Like any teacher though, I could really use a snow day so I hope Mother Nature cooperates with at least one well timed storm. :)  Grab yourself a drink and read all about how I am spending my time in the classroom.  Be sure to read to the end to find a special surprise.

This is my favourite time of the year to teach. I find that the students are FINALLY settled in to the routine in a way that I can step back and let them go.  There are also light bulbs going off all over the place. Many of my first graders just seem to 'get it' in the time between January and March Break. It is a wonderful thing to see.

Right now we are in the thick of a Graphing unit as well as some word work using the Bandit Y sound.  I blogged {HERE} about the beginning of our graphing unit if you want to check out where we have been.

Once my students had a good understanding of what it means to 'collect data' and to generate survey questions I posed this problem to them:

I wanted to use an authentic classroom experience and have them generate survey questions they could ask that might help us answer this question. Our first step was a big brainstorming session.   We spent some time clarifying statements vs questions.  Everyone was happy to share want they wanted and liked.  They were very quick to generate statements like this:  I like trucks, we should get some of them.  The goal was to re-frame those statements into questions like these:   Do you like to play with trucks?  yes or no.  This took a bit of figuring out.  Once students were confident in how to reword their ideas into a question I provided them with prompts to start their questions with.  One little smartie noticed that when you asked a "DO" question the only choices were YES or NO and when you ask a WHAT question then you have go give people choices. {lightbulb moment!}

They wrote out their questions on large paper and had to choose how they were going to record the responses.  I was happy to see a variety of different ideas.  I had students use stickers and cubes.
Others wanted their friends to write their name or use their initials.  I set up my survey question with popsicle sticks and cups to show another way to collect data.  They had an absolute blast answering each other's questions.  For management purposes, half of the class remained at their survey station and while the other half walked around to each of the stations and then they switched.  It worked beautifully.

Next week each student is going to complete a sheet to tell about their results and then we are going to look at all of the data sheets to see if we can find the information to answer our over arching question.  It has been a great way to teach surveys and graphing.  We will also revisit our graphing centers so that I can pull small groups or individuals to do some assessment.  If you are interested in checking out my Winter graphing centers you can find them {HERE}

During our word work we have been working on what I call the Bandit Y sound. We have hunted for Bandit Y words and made a cute craftivity.

There will also be a few centers for review next week. I will have them ready and in my TPT store by the end of the week, with any luck.  We also did this sorting activity, which the kids loved. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of one of their pages so here is mine :).

This page is part of the Winter E-book mentioned at the start of the post.  If you like this freebie please check out my newest package of ELA worksheets, which all use the same format, but practice many other skills. There are 20 pages of practice in all.

You made it to the end of my post :) As a huge thank you for stopping by all of our blogs we are happy to give you the opportunity to win a $100.00 gift certificate from Teachers Pay Teachers. Wow!  That is an amazing prize!  To enter, simply collect the secret word from each blog post and enter it into the rafflecopter below.  Each blog is a chance to enter, so the more blogs you visit, the more chances you have to win.  Besides, you don't want to miss any of the ideas that we are all sharing.  

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