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Global Glitter Monthly - December!

Hello!  I have now linked up with my tribe 2 months in a row! 
I am a member of the Global Glitter Tribe spearheaded by Laura at Year2tastic and Myranda at Keep Calm and Teach 5th Grade.  Today I am sharing with you a bit about the holidays and other random bits of info for this month's link up. Here goes....

Staple recipe - 

I am of German decent and our family has always celebrated with a traditional Christmas Eve meal.  One of the most memorable parts of it was dessert, a dessert that was truly not German. We always had English Trifle and I am not really sure why.  We always went to my Dad's parents for Christmas Eve and both of his parents were German.  Somehow English Trifle became part of that tradition.  My grandmother passed away years ago but I continued to make trifle for our Christmas Eve dinner every Christmas since.  To me, it is not Christmas without trifle.  I can't really share a recipe since I really just put together a concoction of pound cake, fruit, whipped cream and brandy - it must have brandy.  It is delicious and so tasty  a day later when the brandy has really soaked everything.

Holiday favourite read alouds - 

I truly can't pick just one.  This is what my book shelf looks like on the first of December.  Can you tell I really enjoy Christmas in my classroom?

I wrap up all my Christmas books and every day a student or two gets to open a book, which is our read aloud for the day.  I do keep some aside that I have plans to use specifically.  I have a massive collection of Christmas books.  Some of my faves would be:

The Polar Express - We listen to Liam Neeson read this - he sounds so much better than me!
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Snowmen at Christmas
The Reindeer Christmas
Santa's Book of Names
Santa's Secret Helper

Integrated Technology -

I am doing very poorly in this department this year but I am using two new things that I am loving.  I signed up for Kids AtoZ and my kids use the ipad to read books at their levels, answer comprehension questions and sometimes a running record during our guided reading time. The second is Seesaw.  I am loving using this app to document their learning.  They are using the ipads to take pics of things they are doing during daily 5 so that I can see them too.  I would like to experiment a bit with QR code activities in the new year as well.

New Find -  Snapseed!  A good friend and fellow teacherpreneur shared this app with me and I am in love.  I love using Instagram but I am in no way prepared to bring my DSLR to school and take pics and then go home and download them to my computer and make them ready for Instagram.  That is just tooooooo much work.  Snapseed is the answer.  You take a picture on your phone and then use this app to blur your background, tweak your photo and make it look like it was shot with a DSLR.  Here is my first photo I tweaked with the the app and posted on instagram.
People loved the photo and assumed it was taken with a DSLR. No way!

Engaging books - Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt

This Canadian author is amazing.  The adventures of Scaredy Squirrel and his approach to life are hysterical.  We recently read his Christmas book and like all others the kids thought it was the best thing ever.  If you have not checked these books out yet then you need to, even for older kids.  They will love the humour in them.  She also has another character, Chester the cat who has several of his own books too.  They are all highly entertaining.

Snow Day plans - 

What snow?  I love Christmas and I love a white Christmas and I am going to be sorely disappointed this year - yet again, it seems.  The forecast is for double digits - in Canada that is warm for Christmas.  I don't foresee any snow days in my future.

Thanks for stopping by!  Check out the other posts by my Global Glitter tribe members to see what they are up to.

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