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This is my first time linking up with the Global Glitter Tribe for their monthly link up.  I am an admin with the group and will be blogging over there at a later date.  I will be sure to let everyone here know so you can check out my post over there!  

Anyhow this month I am responding to the prompts above.  

Totally Inspirational!  

First Grade Writers.  Let me explain.  They come to me in September with little to no ability to write. I hear the same thing time and again....I can't write!  I don't know how to!  Well, we work super hard in the first few months to stretch out words, write their sounds and do so with a level of independence.  It is the end of October and I am FINALLY seeing progress.  I am inspired when I see that those kids have been listening and practicing and trying and are now writers!  Some of my little guys are even excited about visiting our writing center - YEAH!  


I have always felt that you have way more bang for your buck when you do small group teaching. Kids are less likely to disengage when they are at a table of 4 - 6.  We, as teachers, are able to spot that disengaged stduent and bring them back to the lesson.  It is harder to do that when you are teaching a group of 20+ kids. Being prepared for that time is also super important.  I just blogged about a new product I am using in my guided reading to better teach comprehension - Comprehension Check Cards.  I am using them with small groups and can target the comprehension skill I want to work on with a particular group of kids.  Working on Making Connections with one group?  Flip to that set of cards and you are ready with question prompts and look fors.  Another group working on analyzing text?  Flip to those cards and you have questions at hand.  Small group teaching is the way to be most responsive to your students needs. 

Igniting Passionate Readers

I could not put both ideas in the graphic but I think exposing students to amazing text and teaching them strategies builds readers.  Just like I mentioned above with writing, kids need to see themselves as readers and need to be given skills so they see they can do it.  I explicitly teach decoding strategies using my decoding strategies posters/wands/bookmarks.  The kids get to know the character, like Stretchy Snake, and with just that prompt will try and sound out words.  

Bridging the Gap

I am trying to find time in the day for mini assessments with my struggling students to see how the interventions we are doing are helping.  A number of my students still do not know their letter sounds.  Each day they are getting a triple whammy of practice time with 3 different adults.  I check in with them frequently to see if this is an effective way to improve their skills.  

Enjoying your time

I love a good book and right now I am flying through a few on my Kobo E-reader.  I am trying to get back into reading a bit before I go to bed to try to unwind.  My brain seems to go into overdrive before I go to sleep thinking about all the things I still need to do.  

Thanks for stopping by!  

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