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I am so happy to be joining the Elementary Entourage this month for the

I must admit, Hallowe'en is not my favourite holiday to celebrate but my students love it so I get into the spirit with them.
I want to share with a number of brain break videos that I like to use.  I try to keep my classroom routine as normal as possible even when we are celebrating.  I have found that by throwing aside all of our routines it really throws those kids that are so dependent on and crave routine.  I don't want chaos to ensue so I keep things predictable and we still have fun.  

One of my favourite things is to use Hallowe'en themed brain breaks leading up to the big day.  Is anyone else excited that Hallowe'en is on a Saturday!  I sure am!  Here are a couple of my favourites: 


I hope your students love getting their wiggles out to some of our favourites!  

Even though I am not a fan of Hallowe'en I love to blend it into my literacy and numeracy time to keep the kids engaged and excited about learning.

I am SO excited to use a brand new product I just created for my firsties.  It is a Hallowe'en sight work poetry pack.  I wanted something that had super simple poems they could read and included specific sight word practice.  It is newly posted and you can check it out here - Hot off the press!

Last year my Hallowe'en numeracy centers were a big hit!

Here is a TIP to make two of the centers you see above with a few things from the Dollar Store or Target and you own cupboard:

The bottom left hand side shows a game I call Dump the Ghosts!   Dump the Ghosts is an easy game to make.  Draw little ghost faces on lima beans and put them in a baggie.  The students "dump" the ghosts and record how many ghosts they see - faces turned up - on a ten frame.  Super simple!  The top right hand picture shows kids building a number in my pumpkin ten frames using Dollar Store mini erasers.  Both of these games practice crucial skills but in such a fun way!

If you want to take a closer look at my Math Centers from my Hallowe'en Math Centers click on the picture below.

And as an added "treat" pick up this freebie from the centers by clicking on the cover below!

I hope you have found my tips, tricks and treats helpful.  Please continue to check out all the great ideas by clicking over to another teachers blog!

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