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I am so happy stopped by to visit my blog.  I am joining Rachael from the Classroom Game Nook Blog and many other talented teachers for this blog hop full of Teaching Tricks, Treats for your classroom and a Giveaway too!  What more could you ask for?  

I am going to share with a you a few tips and tricks that I find useful in my classroom and as a treat for continuing to read on you will find a freebie that will be perfect to use this week to celebrate Hallowe'en.  

I have a couple of management tricks for you.  The first one I call Stool Stars!  I have two crate seats in my classroom that house our reading buddy collection (AKA stuffed animals).  Each day I use the random name chooser on my SmartBoard to pick two students to have the honour of sitting on the stools.  There is always a lot of buzz when I am opening the file and cheers when the students have been picked.  These students need to display stellar behaviour to stay on their stools for the day, so it is great motivator to do their best.  No one wants to lose that special privilege.  

Speaking of stuffed animals, my second trick involves our class pet - Ellie the Elephant.  Ellie has been with me for a long time.  Right away the students notice that she has very small ears for an elephant, which leads right into how I use her to motivate and keep students on track during teaching time and desk work time.  Ellie has very sensitive ears and will only spend time around a quiet and respectful class.  True story....she has had to hide in the closet at times because the classroom has gotten to noisy.   Ellie often sits on the laps of students during lessons and story time.  She loves to sit at the tables where all students are working and on task.  They love to have her visiting their tables and as a result do a better job of staying on task.   It is amazing how one little stuffed animal can be so motivating.   If you are interested in other ways I use stuffed animals in my classroom you can click {HERE} to learn more.  

Thanks for continuing to read on.  It's time for the treats!  We all love treats and this is one I am especially proud of.  I love to incorporate holidays and celebrations into my classroom but in a meaningful and curriculum connected way.  There is never enough time to take a break from teaching to have seasonal fun.  With this in mind, I created a new product called Hallowe'en Sight Word Poems and Activities which has allowed me to continue to introduce sight words to my students daily and work on other crucial literacy skills as well.  These sight word poems are simple to read and perfect for Kindergarten and First Grade.

As a special thank you for stopping by you can grab a sampler of this pack.  It includes a copy of the Black Cat poem (shown above), the pocket chart pieces to recreate the poem and and a cut and paste sentence from the poem.  Click on the cover below to head over to download it.  If you love it and want the entire pack you can then find the full version {HERE}.

But wait!  There is still more in store for you! I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY.  I am giving away a copy of my of Thanksgiving product Turkey on the Loose!  This product includes an inferring lesson, writing task and craftivity to go with the book The Amazing Turkey Rescue.

My students loved this project prior to our Thanksgiving (proud Canadian here).  Enter below for a chance to win it and use it with your students in a few weeks or next year! Good Luck.

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Now please head over to the next blog to pick up more tricks, treats and a chance to win.


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    1. Thank you. She is well loved by my students! Thanks for stopping by. Christina

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    1. Thanks! My students LOVE being the stool star for the day. It is a coveted spot in the classroom for sure. Thank you for stopping by. Christina


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