5 for Frunday!

Hi All... As you can see from the title I am just slightly overdue to join Kasey at Doodle Bugs Teaching  and post my Five for Friday.  I love reading A Teeny Tiny Teacher's Five for Friday posts that are usually Five for Fraturday.  I can do one better by being 2 days late!

This was my first week back with kids and it has been a whirlwind of activity.   Here is a peek at how my first week went down.

It was hard to leave this view behind.  I spent Labour Day packing up our cottage and heading home at a more reasonable time so we would be well rested and ready to start the first week of school.   My daughter is heading into Grade 7 and my son in Grade 10.  She was super excited to start and had packed and repacked her backpack and chosen several outfit options.  My son, on the other hand, put his books in his binder and found his lock and that was it.  Both were happy to be heading back though.  

Today I meant my new firsties!  I had planned for 18 but SURPRISE a new little guy showed up that morning.  This group is the first group I have taught that has been at school full days in both Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten.  There were no tears or clinging parents.  This has NEVER happened before!  It was such an awesome start. We had a great day together.  We learned a poem to start the day and then they did their first day picture.  It is great tool to see both their drawing skills and how they print their name.  It is very informative.  I also make sure to read the Kissing Hand on the first day too and make this cute little craftivity.  I can't take credit for the poem but I did modify this one to fit first grade.  At the end of the day I was wiped out!
Today we started with Class Dojo and GoNoodle.  The kids got to pick their little monsters for Class Dojo and we voted on our Champ - this is our winner Penny Gee!   My students love GoNoodle but had never done any of the calming ones that I swear by.  It was amazing to watch them during a FLOW doing deep breathing exercises.  I think I have them hooked!  

Check it out for yourself by clicking {HERE} 

Today we got to know each other better with some fun activities.   In the morning we did a little Find a Friend activity that I found on Pinterest (I can't remember who the author is) and then in the afternoon we had more get to know you time...with chocolate!    Who doesn't love to eat chocolate while hearing a little about a friend.  We also worked on our Classroom Promises today.  I asked them to draw on a post it what they thought were important rules to follow.  I got lots of the NO hitting, kicking, punching etc but a few of my little dears talked about using kind words and being nice to each other.  It is nice to see them going beyond the No's and thinking positively.

 We made it to the end of the week.  Boy were the kids tired and I can't say I was much better.  Today I introduced bucket filling to them.  We read the book and discussed how we could fill each other's buckets.  They had some great ideas.  We started our booklet today but stuck to the easy parts - writing sentences seemed like too much work for a Friday with no extra help.  The kids are very excited to start writing bucket notes to their friends.  They are super simple for first grade.

Thanks for stopping by for a peek at my week!  I hope you had a restful weekend.  I will try to make my next Five for Friday on a Friday (or a Saturday at the latest!).


  1. Hey, we do the same "Find a Friend Who..." activity! Glad you had a great start to the school year!

    First Grade Frame of Mind

    1. It is a great one for first graders - pictures are perfect so they can do the activity with little teacher direction. It was fun watching them asking each other questions. Thank you for stopping by. Christina

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  3. Looks like a great week! LOVE your M&Ms activity! (Sorry about the delete - I couldn't bear to leave a typo!)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

    1. No problem. I know that would just kill you! The M&M activity was a huge hit! I will definitely do that one again.

  4. OHHH Did you make those bucket filler booklets!?!? Super cute!! Glad you had a great week! Don't you love those surprise kiddos! The night before school started at back to school night, I had 4 kiddos show up that weren't on my list!!! They just kept coming in, I seriously was so close to having an anxiety attack!! Anyway, wishing you a great 2nd week!

    Momma with a Teaching Mission

    1. The surprise kids are always a treat. I always have stuff for an extra but I have to scramble for name tags and coat hook labels and the like. I could not imagine taking my child on the first day of school sight unseen! Yes, I have a bucket filler pack with this booklet and the display - I love how it all looks. The kids loved the colouring. The sentences will happen tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by. Christina


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