Dare to Dream - Why do I TpT?

I am taking part in the #tptsellerchallenge and our challenge this week was to reflect on why we TpT. I must admit this was a hard one.  I have read many, many great posts and struggled to come up with some reasons that I could explain.

1.  Freedom ~  

I am at a different stage in my career than many that I have read about.  I have no student loans or any significant debt to worry about.  However, I would love the freedom to not have to worry/think about paying for those extras that we all like to indulge in.  We love to travel and this extra income is a bonus for that.  I am looking at TpT as extra income once retirement rolls around too - for me that is about 10 years from now.

2.  Conference

I would love to attend the TpT conference but I haven't yet for a couple of reasons. First off, it is soooo far away.  I live in Kingston, Ontario and Vegas is a long and expensive flight away.  I would love TpT to consider a more east coast location for the conference - maybe alternate locations every other year - NEW YORK CITY anyone????  I also want to be able to justify the huge expense of a trip such as this by paying for it using my TpT earnings.  I am still a ways away from that goal but perhaps by next year!

3.  Creativity ~  

I am a sometimes scrapbooker.  I mainly go to retreats now to work on my pages - that is even a rarity!  Life has just gotten too busy and the idea of hauling all my supplies out and making a huge mess to make a couple of pages just isn't as appealing as it used to be.  I think that is why I like creating my own resources so much.  I love to make things look inviting for my students in hopes that they will be more engaged in their work.  There isn't a lot of mess involved and there is no way to make a mistake {no glue to worry about!} that you can't easily fix.

So there you have it.  That wasn't as hard as I was thinking it was going to be.  Perhaps next year I will meet some of you in Vegas if my TpT dreams do come true!  Click on this {LINK} below to read about the hopes and dreams of the other participants in the challenge!


  1. I loved reading your post. It would be awesome if I didn't have to worry about student loans. You are very lucky!
    Good luck on making it to the TPT conference next year!


  2. I have the same goal as you - freedom. :) But mine involves those pesky student debts like most people you've read about so it may take awhile. I agree that hosting the TpT in New York would be an awesome idea. I've been to NYC only twice but would love to go again and have teachers take over Manhattan like they do the strip. I'm fortunate to be able to go to the conference this year (flying in from Dubai a 19+ hour LONG flight) but I always fly into Vegas since it's close to my family in Arizona. I hope I can see you there next year though.

    Teaching Doodles


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