Why I love Instagram & a Blog Hop!

Welcome!  I am participating Year2tastic's 500 followers blog hop.  She has reached an amazing milestone and I am happy to help her celebrate.  

Year2tastic is one of the many educators that I follow on Instagram.  Do you use Instagram yet?  As an educator I find it a wonderful source of inspiration.  You can find me on IG - I'm @hangingaroundinprimary.  

To me Instagram is somewhat like Pinterest.  It is all about the image.  Unlike Pinterest, you are not able to click on a link and be transported to a site with more information.  What you are able to do on Instagram is interact with the poster of the image and find out more info and have a conversation, usually right on the spot about the content.  I love that I can comment and ask questions about the picture posted and talk to the creator of the content.  On Pinterest this is sometimes hard to do. 

I find Instagram is a great source for bulletin board and craft ideas as well as the opportunity to get a glimpse into other teacher's classrooms.  Don't we all want to take a virtual tour of other classrooms? Instagram is also a stress reliever.  I enjoy simply scrolling through my feed and alternately being educated and entertained.  

Instagram is also another place to share about our latest creations in our Teachers Pay Teachers stores.  As a seller, I am able to post a pic of the cover or better yet, the product in action.  This is another chance for people to get a glimpse at my work and decide if it is worth checking out.  There is one link housed in the profile.  I alternate mine between my blog and my store, depending on the content I am sharing.  Some of the products I have featured are:

My secret letter for the Blog Hop contest is H

I hope you will consider joining Instagram.  There is amazing content on there for educators with so many amazing teachers to follow! 

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  1. I agree with all your reasons to love Instagram! I also love to see the personal photos that teachers post! I love their cats, and what they had for dinner, and where they are vacationing! Thanks for this fun Blog Hop!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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