We {HEART} Valentine's Day!

Hello February!  I am so happy to be done with January.  It was NOT a good month in my classroom.  We are going to be spending the better part of next week revisiting September. Little do my students know that we are doing our first days of school all over again from Monday to Thursday.  My hope is by Friday we will all be back on track and ready to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Today I am teaming up some of my blogging friends and we are sharing with you how we celebrate Valentine's Day in our classrooms. 

My firsties are always so excited to hand out Valentines.  From the moment they enter all they can think and ask about is "when can we hand out our Valentines".  Well, this year I am changing up my tried and true day plans and having our card exchange early on in the morning.  I think this will work best with this bunch that struggles so much with patience.  I also have a different type of schedule so I will need more time to complete a special little activity I do with their valentine cards.  Click on the picture to snag this FREEBIE. 


In the past my first graders ripped through their cards, gobbled down the candy but never really took a good look at their cards or even who they were from.  That is what inspired me to create this activity.  They need to take a close look at each and every valentine in order to sort them out.  By doing this, it seems that they take more time to look at their cards and read who each card is from.   By this time we have learned about graphing, so students know exactly what to and are able to complete this activity independently.     

After recess in our middle block our entire school is participating in some Valentine's Day fun.  Younger classes partner up with older classes and do some sort of craft for about a half an hour.  Last year my students created animals with hearts.  They were super cute.  I am not exactly sure what we are going to do this time around.  During the second half of our block we will head down to the gym for a little Just Dance! action.  The kids had a blast with this last year and I expect this year's group will love dancing with their classmates to some current favourite songs. 

I have planning in the afternoon and then one last chunk of time to fill.  This time will be pretty low key. I will hand out my own Valentines and a treats then. This year my students will all be getting these Crazy Straw valentines {you can find them HERE}.  I am sure they will be a hit. As for the treat ~ I am sure there will be lots to hand out. 

However you celebrate Valentine's Day in your classroom, I hope it is a happy one!

Be sure to check all of the Bloggers below to find lots of inspiration for your Valentine's Day!  


  1. I do a sorting activity with Valentine's too. Mine involves some math with fractions and decimals. I find it helps them really focus on each individual gift more than they typically would. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I actually really like the idea of getting the exchange out of the way early. And the sorting might be a fun thing to do! I'm so glad I end the day with planning time...!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

    1. End of the day planning is a blessing on days like these! I will let you know how the early in the day card exchange goes.

  3. Your card-sorting idea is a GREAT one. May have to steal that:)
    Grade ONEderful

    1. Feel free Barbara. I love using it with my first graders. It really does get them to take a closer look at their cards. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. I love the straws! Great idea!

    Miss Monica


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