They are here!

 I am linking up with Erin with a very short and sweet and EXCITING post today. 
Whoop! Whoop!  They arrived on Friday.  I spent Friday evening with my principal unwrapping Ipads, unwrapping cases and getting them all ready for teachers on Monday.  It was Family Movie Night and my daughter came to hang out with her friends and I am on our Parent Council as well, so it was perfect timing.  I am beyond excited that I will be able to surprise the kids with these on Monday.   I have one with me this weekend to really play with the apps that are available to us and get some things downloaded. 
I would LOVE to hear about your GO-TO apps for first grade in any area of the curriculum.  We currently have access to a number of apps in our District's app catalogue but I am interested in hearing about all the other awesome apps that we may not know about. Please....pretty please leave me a comment with your suggestions.
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