My Christmas Questionnaire 2014

I am linking up with Michelle, from Fabulous in First and filling out her Christmas Questionnaire to share with you how I celebrate the holidays. 

When do you decorate?
Well, lots of people decorate right after Thanksgiving but I am Canadian so it would look a little odd if I decorated right after our Thanksgiving.  For those of you who don't know we celebrate in October.  I usually decorate the last weekend of November or the first weekend of December, depending on how hectic my life is.  I love to decorate - I am a little Christmas obsessed.  Here are just a few of my many decorations and some of my favourite kid made ornaments. 

Elf or no Elf  My children are now 11 and 14 so we dont have a home elf.  But I do have an elf in my classroom.  I am having a blast coming up with new adventures for our Elf, Snowflake.  I have a linky right now on my blog for teachers to link up their blog posts about their elf adventures.  You can find it HERE.  Here are some of Snowflakes escapades so far.

Christmas Baking
YES!  We spent a day baking with my Mom.  I was always the one to do the baking when I was young and my daughter likes to bake now too.  Next weekend we will finish up with some more sugar cookies and gingerbread.  I definitely like to eat the Christmas baking too

My Favourite Holiday Tradition
That is a tough one to answer.  I love going a getting a real tree every year.  The kids now are the ones to cut it down but I am always the one who chooses it.  I am very picky when it comes to our tree.  Another favourite tradition is our Christmas countdown calendar.  I got this at Costco years ago and each day the kids open a door and a find a toy to hang in Santa’s workshop.  There are lots of other favourites but these two would be my most favourite!  

Favourite Christmas Movie
That one is easy!  Ever since I was very little my all-time favourite movie has been Miracle on 34th Street.  I love the magic of it.  I am about to age myself but it was big deal to watch it on TV and you had to plan to watch it because there was no PVR or VCR.  When we got a VCR in my teens, my Mom bought me a copy of the original so I could watch it when I wanted.  I have seen the remake but still thoroughly enjoy the original so much more.  I also love to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my students at school on our Grinch Day. 

Snow or No Snow
I live in Canada, so snow is a given.  I only remember a few Christmases without snow.  To me Christmas is not Christmas without snow.  This is a shot from last Christmas when I was trying to take the lights without a flash.  I do love the snow but when March Break rolls around we head to Florida for a week.  I would be perfectly happy if I returned and the snow was done, but that almost never happens. 

Favourite Christmas Song
I LOVE Christmas music, much to the dismay of my family.  I will put Christmas music on as soon as I can.  One of my favourite traditional songs is O Holy Night (John Berrys version) I also love anything sung by Michael Buble, he has such an amazing voice.  Lastly, I love the Christmas songs that Train has made over the past few years: Shake up Christmas and their version of Joy to World.  I just LOVE Christmas music! 

Favourite Christmas gifts to give and get
I have grown less fond of Christmas shopping lately because I am finding it harder and harder to come up with great ideas for those people I am shopping for.  I find as the kids get older it definitely gets more difficult.  This year I am wishing for another charm for my Pandora bracelet and helped out my husband by buying 2 things for myself for him to wrap.  Your welcome! J

Thank you for stopping by and reading all about my traditions.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


  1. Isn't is so much easier to just buy what you want. Loved reading your post. Thanks for linking up.

    1. It certainly is! Thank you for the link up opportunity and Merry Christmas!


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